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How to upload files to Google Drive?

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Google Drive is one of the many services of by the search engine giant, which allows users to upload the files and folders on cloud. Cloud storage has been the talk of the town in recent years and is considered way more flexible than the traditional methods of storage.

In this article, we explain three ways using which you can upload files to Google Drive via the website, app as well as the Backup and Sync tool.

Upload files to Google Drive via website

Here are the steps to upload files via the Google Drive website. To continue, first, sign in with your Google account and then proceed with the instructions mentioned below.

Step 1: When you are inside Google Drive, click on the New button on the left sidebar. Step 2: Now, click on File upload or Folder upload from the drop-down menu. Here, I have to upload a file, so I have selected the File upload option. If you want to upload a folder, choose the Folder upload.

Step 3: Now, browse through your computer’s hard disk and then select the file that you want to upload. Click on the file and then choose OK. Step 4: You will see a message that the file is being uploaded on Google Drive. You can also use the drag and drop method to upload the files on Google Drive. Just drag the file from the location and then drop it in Google Drive. Look at the screenshot below to get an idea. In the screenshot, I have dragged the file named Polity and Governance. Now, you can access the file from anywhere. Just sign-in to Google Drive with your Google Account and you are good to go.

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Upload files to Google Drive (Android and iOS)

If you want to upload files on Google Drive via the app, here are the steps that you will have to follow.

  • Open Google Drive and then tap on the Plus icon at the bottom.
  • Now, select the Upload option.
  • Browse through your mobile and then tap on the file which you would like to upload.

You will see a message that the file is uploaded on Google Drive.

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Upload files to Google Drive via the Backup and Sync tool

Backup and Sync is another tool through which you can upload the files to Google Drive. First, download the application from the link here. After that, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Open Backup and Sync tool and then sign in with your Google account.Step 2: Now, select the folders that you would like to sync to Google Drive and then click on Next.Step 3: Click on Got it when Google shows you the prompt window.Step 4: Next, select the Sync my drive to this computer option. If you want to sync everything, select Sync everything in My Drive else, select Sync only these folders. When you are done, click Start. Step 5: You will see that a Google Drive folder will be published on the desktop. Now, you can cut, copy drag and paste the files from your computer to this folder. Hope these methods to upload files to Google Drive via your PC and smartphone helped. Let us know if you would like us to cover some other topic or similar guide in the comments below.

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