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What to do if Valorant is not updating? Quick Fixes

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In the dynamic world of online gaming, even the most celebrated titles encounter technical hurdles. Valorant, Riot Games’ groundbreaking tactical shooter, has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide but hasn’t escaped the occasional update snags.

Many players are in the frustrating predicament of stalled updates, disrupting their journey towards gaming greatness.

Here we’ll explore why Valorant is not updating and how to fix it easily. You can watch the video or continue reading the article below:

Possible reasons why Valorant is not updating

Here are some possible reasons why Valorant is not updating on your device:

  • Unstable Internet connection: An inconsistent Internet connection can disrupt the update process.
  • Outdated drivers: The game may not update if your system’s drivers are not current.
  • Corrupt game files: New updates won’t be completed if the game files are damaged or corrupt.
  • Problems with Vanguard anti-cheat: Sometimes, Valorant’s in-build anti-cheat system, Vanguard, may hamper the updation process.
  • Firewall issues: Your device’s firewall might be stopping new Valorant updates.
  • Administrator privileges required: Sometimes, the game needs to be run with administrator privileges to update correctly.
  • Outdated operating system: The updates may be stalled if the operating system is outdated.

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How to fix updates not happening on Valorant issue?

Now that we have understood the possible reasons why Valorant is not updating on your device let’s move on to the fixes.

Check your internet connection

As explained before, a stable internet connection is required for the updated files to download on your computer. If the internet is not working, the files may not download or may take longer than usual.

To check your internet connection, lead to or and let the process run. If your internet speed is low, contact your internet service provider.

Also, you can head to our article on what to do if the internet is not working for more information here.

Furthermore, if you want a WiFi troubleshooting guide, head to our article on what to do if WiFi isn’t working.

Update drivers

If the graphics card drivers are outdated, you may face issues downloading new Valorant updates. So, you should immediately update your graphics card drivers.

Head to this article for additional information on updating the Nvidia graphics card on your computer.

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Repair game files

Are you still stuck on the update? Maybe the game files are damaged or corrupt. This could be for many reasons, including malware infection on your device or accidentally deleting an important game file.

Whatever the reason, you should now repair the files. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Launch the Riot client, head to your profile icon, and click Settings.

Step 2: Now, select Valorant and then hit the Repair button to restore lost or damaged files.

After the process is done, try to update Valorant again and this time it should work.

Reinstall Vanguard

Vanguard is an anti-cheat system in Valorant by Riot Games to minimise cheating and improve players’ game experience. It has proven effective in detecting and preventing cheating.

However, it can sometimes lead to several errors, including stalling of Valorant’s updates. You can uninstall Vanguard and retry the update. The Riot client will automatically install Vanguard during the process.

Step 1: Right-click on the Start menu and then select Installed apps. Or, press the Windows key + I to open Settings and then head to Apps > Installed apps, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2: Search Vanguard and press the three-dot button on the right. Then, select Uninstall from the drop-down menu.

Firewall check

Your device’s Firewall might be preventing Valorant updates from completing. To fix this, you must ensure that Valorant is allowed to pass through the Firewall.

Here’s how to do this:

Step 1: Search for Firewall and network protection in the taskbar search bar.

Step 2: Click on Allow an app through firewall.

Step 3: Now, select Valorant from the list of apps and then click on Change Settings.

Step 4: Now, checkmark Private and Public options before Valorant. When you are done, click on OK, and you’re good to go.

Run Valorant as Administrator

You can try to run Valorant as an Administrator to fix the issue of the game not updating properly.

Right-click the app and select Run as administrator to resolve permission-related issues during updates.

Update Windows

Finally, you should update Windows to resolve several minor bugs and errors. Although these issues may not be serious, they can affect other programs and processes as well.

Press the Windows key + I to open Settings. Then click on Windows Update on the left panel. After that, click on Check for updates.

In conclusion, if the Valorant is not updating on your device, it could be due to several reasons, including a weak internet connection, outdated drivers, Firewall issues, and outdated Windows. Follow the fixes that we have provided above to resolve the issue effectively.

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