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What is Vanish mode in Facebook and Instagram?

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Ever since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012, the former has been integrating features between the two platforms. Many such changes have shown up in the messaging bits on both platforms, namely DMs on Instagram and Facebook’s messenger.

Vanish mode is the newest feature added on both Facebook and Instagram. Consider it a level up from simply ‘unsending’ messages. Some new chat themes and stickers have also accompanied the new feature.

In this article, we’re going over a few questions about the new Vanish mode, so you know everything about the new additions.

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How does the Vanish mode work?

Vanish mode works a lot like Snapchat. When enabled, all messages sent thereafter are deleted automatically when they’ve served their purpose, eliminating the cumbersome task of unsending messages one at a time. It works the same way on both DMs and Messenger. What’s more, you can unsend messages just like you would normally, even when the mode is enabled.

When Vanish mode is enabled, the other person will also know whether or not anyone in the chat has taken a screenshot. You can continue your conversations as usual, however, sending texts, stickers, photos/videos and GIFs. Everything gets deleted once the recipient has seen the message.

How to enable vanish mode?

Vanish mode can be enabled the same way on both Instagram and Messenger. All you have to do is swipe up from the chatbox until you see the Vanish mode option.

What is Vanish mode in Facebook and Instagram?
Enabling Vanish mode on Instagram DMs is quite simple.

To disable the mode, use the same process as before. That is, swiping up from the chatbox until the feature gets disabled.

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Inputs from Yadullah Abidi and Ishika Aggarwal
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CT Editorial Team