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How to turn off read receipts on Instagram?

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Instagram has come a long way from the simple photo-sharing app it once was. The platform has gone serious changes and updates over the past years that have further elevated user experience.

DMs are a vital part of Instagram. However, while the app does have most if not all regular messaging app features, it doesn’t have the ability to disable read receipts. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at how you can disable read receipts on Instagram.

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Turn off read receipts on Instagram

As mentioned above, Instagram doesn’t have the option to disable read receipts. However, there is a workaround that allows you to read messages without alerting the sender. 

You can read messages without giving the Seen notifier to the sender if you disable the internet on your phone right before opening the message. Keep in mind that you can’t do this if you’re opening the message from notification as it’s marked as seen as soon as you tap on a notification. 

You can read our detailed guide on how to disable notifications here. It’s not required that you disable message notifications for this method, but be careful not to tap them by accident. 

How to turn off read receipts on Instagram? | Candid.Technology
  • Open the Instagram app and head over to your DMs.
  • Disable internet on your phone including WiFi and mobile data. Easiest way to do this is enabling the airplane mode.
  • Read your messages in peace.

Another thing to note is that the messages will be marked as soon as you enable your internet connection. Also, since you’ve disabled the internet on your phone, you can’t really do anything else online until you’re ready to mark the message you just read.

How it works is that when you disable your internet, all information and app data you’re dealing with becomes local as the Instagram app isn’t able to update anything by reaching back to the servers. 

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