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How to get verified on Spotify?

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Spotify has changed the way internet users consume music by bringing the best of the songs from across the globe on a single app that can be streamed on your smartphones. The service is offered free of cost supported by ads as well as an ad-free premium offering. If your phone is running low on memory or storage, you can also choose to install the Spotify Lite app, which gives the same functionality in a smaller package.

Earlier this year, Spotify crossed 100 million paid subscribers, with more than double that number of total monthly active users, which include free accounts. That said, Spotify is a massive market for a beginner, budding as well as a big musician.

If you’re trying to get the world grooving on your beats, in addition to putting your music on other viable options like Apple Music as well as YouTube, Spotify is the place to begin.

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How to verify your artist profile on Spotify?

To get the blue verification checkmark beside your profile on Spotify, all you need to do is claim your artist profile on Spotify. Once the access is granted, it’ll be verified automatically.

To do that, first, you’ll need to download the Spotify for Artists app (Android/iOS) or head over to their website. Spotify for Artists lets the musician and their team edit the profile, keep track of the stats, pitch tracks and access tools to promote their music.

Claim Spotify profile

If your music is already on Spotify, click here and claim the artist profile. If you’re a manager looking to claim the artist profile or the artist, you’ll need to submit some personal information and verify the claim via the artist’s social channels. Once that’s done, Spotify will get back to you once the request has been reviewed.

Ask to be invited to your Spotify profile

Why has your Spotify Premium stopped and how to get it back?If you know someone who has access to your artist account, you could also ask them to send you an invite. To send an invite, open the Spotify for Artists app, then open the menu by clicking on the three-dots icon on the top-left of the screen > Click on Manage teamInvite. 

Then to send the invitation to a single member, write down the required information, including their access level. To send multiple invitations, click on Bulk Invite that’s located at the top-right and then follow the on-page instructions. Once that’s done, click on Send Invite. 

You’ll then receive an email. Follow the steps, and you’ll have access to your Spotify profile.

Get access via your distributor

If you’re using the services of one of Spotify’s preferred music distributors that include DistroKid, EmuBands, Danmark, Fuga, AudioSalad and EMS, among several others, you will automatically gain access to your profile

If your music is not yet live on Spotify, you’ll first need to put your music there and then follow the process above.

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