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Verizon port status: Everything you need to know

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Modern telecom carriers allow customers to switch from one carrier company to the other without changing their phone number, which would otherwise be a huge inconvenience, especially in this digital world where our email addresses and phone numbers form a crucial part of our identities. 

The porting process is rather simple, with most cases porting over in days. That said, if you’re switching to Verizon and bringing your number with you, here’s everything you need to know about your porting status. 

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How to check Verizon port status?

Every time a customer applies for the Verizon porting process, all relevant information, including a web link with porting status tracking, is sent to them in a message. However, if you’ve lost the link, the company’s Switch to Verizon page allows users to enter their phone numbers and easily check the transfer status. 

Additionally, users can call the Port Centre for support at 8888447095 or reach out to Verizon support

Verizon’s website offers a quick status check tool.

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How long does the porting process take?

Depending on the type of SIM you’re using, porting to Verizon can take anywhere from five minutes to up to three to four business days.

Since the FCC has granted companies process automation permissions for wireless-to-wireless porting, the switch will take minutes if you currently possess an eSIM.

If you’re still using a physical SIM card, however, you’ll either have to pick up a SIM card at a Verizon outlet or wait for them to mail you one. While switching carriers shouldn’t take longer than a few hours, expect a more reasonable window between two to three days. 

Physical SIM cards and Landlines might take longer to switch over to Verizon.

Finally, landline numbers can take up to two to ten business days to successfully switch from the current carrier to Verizon. 

That said, there are a few things that can cause additional delays during the process, including but not limited to the following:

  • Contractual obligations from the previous carrier. 
  • Incomplete or incorrect information was given to Verizon.
  • Network issues or carrier outages on either end. 

It’s generally recommended that you keep a backup phone and not cancel your subscription plan with the other vendor during the porting process. 

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