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How to fix Victoria 3 general error?

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When you open the game in any launcher, you might encounter a general error in Victoria 3. Usually, this error occurs after an update to the game.

You will see the following message if you encounter this error – we were unable to parse the launcher settings file. Settings.formatVersion should be integer. Settings.formatVersion should be equal to constant. Make sure you have a valid configuration and try again.

This is a minor bug, and a few simple fixes are required to resolve the issue.

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4 ways to fix General error in Victoria 3

You can troubleshoot the error by either of the methods that we have given below:

Restart the launcher or PC

Usually, restarting the launcher, be it Steam or some other launcher, fixes the issue. Just close the game launcher and then restart it again. Most probably, the issue will be solved. You can also restart your PC.

Format version

  • Open Victoria 3 files on your PC either manually or by using the Steam launcher. To open Victoria 3 files using the Steam launcher, go to Library > Victoria 3 > Manage > Browse Local Files.
  • Once you are inside the folder, search and open the Launcher folder.
  • Next, look for the text file named launcher-settings. As it is a text file you can use any simple text reader like Notepad.
  • Change the formatVersion: 1.1  to formatVersion: 1.
  • Save the changes and then close the file.

You should not change or modify any more game file as it will corrupt the game making it unplayable.

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Verify game files

Here’s how to verify game files on Steam:

Step 1: Head over to your Steam Library, right-click on Victoria 3 and select Properties.

How to fix the 'VAC was unable to verify your game session' error?

Step 2: Head over to the Local Files tab.

How to fix the 'VAC was unable to verify your game session' error?

Step 3: Click on Verify integrity of local files… and let Steam do its thing. 

How to fix the 'VAC was unable to verify your game session' error?

    We hope that by following the above steps, you will successfully resolve the general error in Victoria 3.

    Debug mode

    T0 use the debug mode on Steam; follow the steps given below to troubleshoot general error in Victoria 3:

    • Right-click on Victoria 3 on your Steam library and then select Properties.
    • Look for the Launch options tab and type -debug_mode in the box, and select OK.

    Exit Steam and then launch the game again.

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