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How to view posts by private Instagram account?

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Instagram allows the users to choose the type of account which they want. By default, the account is set as public account, but you can choose to turn it into a private account from the settings option. Privacy is the concern of many people, and this is the reason why people keep their account private so that others cannot see the content which they upload or post on Instagram.

Alongwith this, you cannot see the followers and following list as well as highlights of private accounts. Only the profile picture, bio, number of followers, number of people that person is following and the name of the person is visible to you if you do not follow them. Here, we have mentioned three ways through which you can view posts by private Instagram account.

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Follow them

How to block someone on Instagram via PC, Android, iOSThe easiest option is to send a follow request to the user directly. Everyone has their reasons for accepting or declining a follow request. Many people accept the follow requests to increase their number of followers. The only disadvantage of this approach is that it could be a little disheartening if the person does not accept your request. Hence, there are two other ways which might help you.

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Create a fake account

You can create a fake account and send a follow request to the person in case you don’t want to send them a request from your personal account. The chance of the request being accepted via this method is lesser as most of the people would be able to detect the fake account and would only accept the request if they want to increase their followers count. Moreover, this method has an advantage that you need not display your original identity.

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Ask a friend for screenshots

How Instagram is trying to reduce inauthentic activity

You can ask your friends who follow them to share a screenshot of the stories/posts. Though it might seem a bit cliche to adopt this method as it could be the safest method to check out your crush. If you use any other method, there is a possibility that your follow request won’t get accepted but if you ask someone who is already following them, it would be a sure shot thing.

You can also use platforms like privateinstagramviewer, viewprivateprofiles and instaspy to view posts by private accounts, but these platforms do not ensure the security of your account, and we do not suggest using them.

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Himanshu Nimje

Himanshu Nimje