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How to add music to your Instagram story?

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Instagram has recently launched Instagram Music feature in India. According to Brandwatch, almost 60 percent of the Instagram stories are watched with sound on, and Instagram Music can be a fantastic way to delight the story viewers. In this article, we’ve mentioned the steps to add Instagram Music to the stories.

You can add music to Instagram story by following the steps given below.

Create a new story

You can create a new story in the following three ways.

  • Upload a previously saved media to Instagram Stories.
  • Click a picture or record a video from the Instagram app itself by swiping right on the home screen of the application.
  • Click on the camera button on the top left corner.

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Select your music from the music sticker

Once you are done with the picture or video, follow the steps to select the music from the music sticker.

  • Find the Instagram Music sticker by swiping up.
  • In a new dialogue box, choose the song which you want to add to the story. You can select your favourite song from the three tabs available, namely Popular, Moods and Genres, which contain songs related to the tab.
  • Or, you can also use the search bar from the top to check whether your favourite song is available on Instagram Music or not and apply it to your story.

Now that you have selected the songs, you’ll have to choose the time duration for which you would like the music to play. By default, it is set at 15 seconds. Once done with this, you can also tap on the sticker to change the look and feel of the sticker. Instagram has offered many variations in this sticker which might suit various kinds of stories.

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Post the story

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You can post the story in your friends’ list or close friends list by selecting the appropriate option. For testing, you can check your own story with the volume turned on. If you can hear the music, the music sticker is applied to your story successfully. If not, consider trying the process again.

You can also upload an edited video containing the music of your choice, which could be easily created by applications like this in case Instagram Music isn’t available in your country.

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Himanshu Nimje

Himanshu Nimje