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Top 7 Volokit alternatives

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Volokit is considered to be one of the best platforms to watch football online for free. Its simple, aesthetic and user-friendly interface make it the favourite place for football and other sports lover to watch their sport.

The pages of famous live sporting events are prone to some drops that make accessing these links possible. It is prevalent for these pages to cease being available or even disappear forever, as they violate the law and are disbanded.

If Volokit is not working, don’t worry; here are seven Volokit alternatives that have got you covered.


We can use this to watch multiple television shows using this including live sports events. Just search and enjoy your favourite show.

Click here to watch

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Sports category

For this site, you only have to access the homepage, and you will be able to see all the sporting events that are going to be broadcasted within a few hours. Apart from football, you can watch other sports as well. The only advice is to use a good ad-blocker.

Click here to watch

Roja Directa

One of the best-known portals, this one right here is a favourite of many football fans despite its continuous domain changes. The quality of transmission is good and fast.

Click here to watch

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FirstRow Sports

This site provides you with the links to watch all your favourite sports be it football, baseball, among others. What’s more, you can even upload your sporting videos on this platform.

Click here to watch

Batman Stream

This site enables you to directly access the most popular bookmakers such as Bwin and sportium. With the widest variety of sports shows, it also has a comment section where you can chat and ask for links to other sporting events.

Click here to watch

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Pirlo TV

We get daily updated links on this website. Even though its broadcast quality is good and fast, you still have a good ad-blocker to keep the ads away. We can also access the live television option.

Click here to watch

Mama HD

You can chat, get good HD quality content at a reasonable speed for free on this website. Apart from football, you can also watch Formula 1 or Boxing matches as well.

Click here to watch

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Japjyot Singh

Japjyot Singh