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Is VPNlike safe? Top 3 alternatives

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Having a VPN is rather important these days not only from a security perspective but also to prevent the hundreds of trackers that most sites have enabled to track and target the right audience with ads. Consumers are also spoilt for choice when it comes to VPNs and pricing is perhaps the most affordable it has ever been.

In this article, we’re talking about VPNlike, its features and whether or not it’s safe to use. We’ll also be going over the top three alternatives you can use in case VPNlike doesn’t work for you. 

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What is VPNlike?

VPNlike is an Iranian VPN with 200 servers spread across eight countries. It covers the basic features offered in most VPNs, including any traffic and adblockers that you might need. It’s available on a host of devices including Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, macOS and even Blackberry and Windows phones. 

In terms of security, VPNlike claims it has 256-bit encryption and 99.9% uptime. It’s available in different subscription packages starting from monthly going all the way up to two years at a time. 

Is it safe?

While you do get the features and protection that you would get from a conventional VPN, there’s a chance that VPNlike might not be as protective of your privacy as other options when it comes to its logging policies. Using a VPN is also illegal in Iran, meaning any homegrown VPN providers can’t be trusted to provide full anonymity. 

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VPNlike alternatives

If you wouldn’t want to use VPNlike, here are three alternatives you should try out. 


NordVPN is probably one of the most popular VPN services ever, including everything from standard VPN features to multi-hop connections and access to Tor over VPN. It’s also one of the first VPN platforms to adapt the WireGuard VPN protocol and RAM-only servers.

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The only drawback is the pricing. With subscriptions starting at almost $3 a month, it’s slightly over the industry average. That said, it’s money well spent so if you can, NordVPN is actually a rather good option. 

You can download NordVPN here to get a discounted price


For the cheap price of just $1.99 a month, Atlas VPN gives you support for unlimited devices, 4k streaming, the WireGuard protocol, an in-built ad blocker, and email protection services. 

Atlas is one of the best freemium VPN services out there, The only problem is that the free version doesn’t have support for streaming services, and there’s no support for Linux or routers.

You can download Atlas VPN here to get a discounted price


Proton is a Swiss company that provides an entire suite of privacy-focused tools including email, calendar, cloud storage and of course, VPN. You can choose from VPN servers all around the world and see their load and location in real-time. ProtonVPN gives you full control of what server you want to connect to and maintains a strict no-logs policy. 

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You can download ProtonVPN here

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