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Wabbajack failed unknown error: Quick Fix

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Wabbajack failed unknown error: 4 Fixes

The PC gaming community is especially known for its enormous library of mods for just about every game. That said, it can become difficult to manage multiple mods if you’re looking to dive deeply into the modding scene.

Tools like Wabbajack make it easier for gamers to install and manage multiple mods. Wabbajack is an automated modlist installer that only requires user interaction before and after the installation. However, just like everything else tech, it also runs into random bugs and glitches from time to time.

In this article, we’re talking about the Wabbajack failed unknown error and giving your four ways to fix the problem.

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Use the latest version

Wabbajack sees rather frequent updates, and bugs are constantly being found and fixed as new updates continue rolling out. Ensure you’re downloading the latest version of Wabbajack before installing to ensure you don’t run into such errors.

Wabbajack failed unknown error: 4 Fixes

Move the installer to the C Drive

For some reason, the installer seems to have a higher success ratio when running it off the C:/ drive in Windows. It doesn’t matter where on the drive the installer is; as long as it is on the C:/ drive, you should be good to go.

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Inspect the logs

The Wabbajack installer keeps a record of everything in a log file inside the logs/ folder. This is the usual way of investigating Wabbajack failures, before or after the installation. Go through the log file to find out what went wrong and try applying the fixes recommended before trying again. 

Check the modlist

Another possible reason you’re getting this error could be that the modlist you’re trying to install is corrupted or outdated. Check the opt-out list hosted on GitHub here to see if the modlist you’re trying to install is still supported and if it isn’t, try switching to a compatible version before you run the installation again. 

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