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Top 7 wall mounted PC builds

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Wall-mounted PCs are not very common because of all the effort to plan and eventually lay all those components out on a wall. However, if done right, all that effort is well worth it, as evident by our list of top seven PC builds here. 

What does it take to build a wall-mounted rig?

If you’re looking to stack your PC from the wall and get more desk space under your table, you’re first going to have to plan a lot of things accordingly. Not only will you need an exact idea of what will go where and how the final product is going to look, but you’re also going to have to upgrade your parts if you want to beforehand. 

Another thing to consider is mounting the PC in a dust-free environment. One of the reasons we build PCs inside cases is to protect them from dust or other environmental factors that could cause damage. Since you’re now mounting your PC on a wall, you’re going to have to ensure the room is dust and moisture free and that the PC is mounted at a safe spot where no one will be able to stick their fingers in the fans.

Lastly, you need to consider your budget. You see, wall-mounted builds can be as expensive or as cheap as you want. Don’t have the money for a fancy backplate? Mount your peripherals on a wooden slab. However, if you do have the cash to burn, spend it wisely and towards the components, you’ll actually be using. Aesthetics are also a big part of wall-mounted PCs, so be sure to get those right. 

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Top 7 wall mounted PC builds

Here are some of the best wall mounted PC builds for your inspiration. 

Striking RGB

First up, we have a carbon-fibre based wall-mounted PC by Imgur user JalfreziJeff. This beautiful looking build is decked out with RGB and carbon fibre pieces finished with a plexiglass cover and liquid cooling. In terms of specs, there’s an i7-4790K, GTX 1060 and the GA-z97X by Gigabyte, which isn’t exactly cutting edge specs, but that’s beside the point of this list. 

You can see the entire build here

Steampunk rustic 

This wall-mounted rig by Chriss Howell goes a long way to show a properly implemented idea can be a great way to build a PC. The build cleverly uses pipes to hide the wiring, and the custom bronze paint job in the GPU and PSU grills and fans sells the effect further. The setup also features a retro power button and yellow backlighting. 

You can see the entire build here

Analog power

Keeping up the retro steampunk look, this build by Imgur user kdevault813 stands out quite a bit. The entire build is mounted on wooden plans with only the basic components visible. There’s even an old analogue multimeter thrown in for the aesthetics. 

You can see the entire build here

Bumblebee’s pride

If you’re looking for over the top wall-mounted PC ideas and are a transformers fan, you’re going to love this build from marksmanguy. There is a lot of attention to detail in the build, including a tire sticking out the back of the case and even the bumblebee head with glowing eyes. The black and yellow combined with the blue lighting really makes this build a piece of art. Oh, and also, it projects the Autobot logo on the ceiling.

You can see the entire build here

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The Feros wall mounted PC case

Imgur user FerosRigs likes to call this one by his own name, and we’re following that trend. The entire thing is built on an aluminium frame with the components cleanly laid out and the fans at the sides. There’s full-on RGB, liquid cooling and overall a very modern aesthetic going about this build.

You can see the entire build here

Simplicity is the best policy

vicoAT’s simple wooden panel build goes a long way to show that you don’t necessarily need to burn in money to get a good looking wall-mounted PC. All the essentials are neatly attached to a simple wooden board. All the cables are custom made and threaded through the backside for a cleaner look. The RGB glow at the back adds a splash of colour to make this amazing build overall.

You can see the entire build here

Go big or go home

Show4Pro’s wall-mounted PC rig took four weeks and 100+ hours to finally put together, but the build is totally worth the effort. The entire rig is lit with orange backlighting complemented by the water cooler’s blue lighting for a great look. Everything is arranged immaculately with no wires in sight. There’s even a mini version of this rig that can be placed on desks.

You can see the entire build here

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