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What do Dolphins eat in Minecraft?

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As important as it is to craft the right weapons and tools and mine the right elements in Minecraft, befriending the right mobs can also go a long way in helping players.

In this article, we’re talking about what Dolphins eat in Minecraft.

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Dolphins in Minecraft

Minecraft dolphins are quite similar to their real-world counterparts. They’re usually found in groups (pods) of three to five swimming around in all ocean biomes except cold and frozen ones. They spawn exclusively between levels 50 and 64 and spawn as long as their spawn requirements are met apart from naturally despawning when no players are around. 

What do Dolphins eat in Minecraft?
Dolphins in an artificial pool.

Since dolphins are neutral mobs, they won’t attack the player unless attacked first. If you’re feeding dolphins, they’ll attack any mob that attacks you and will lead you to underwater treasures and shipwrecks. Additionally, swimming with dolphins also gives the player a speed boost underwater as long as they sprint. 

Feeding dolphins

As is the case with most neutral mobs in the game, feeding dolphins lets the player befriend them. Dolphins eat the following items.

  • Raw Cod: Found underwater down till level 32. Spawn in cold, frozen, lukewarm and normal ocean biomes generally in groups of 4-7 and have a tannish colour.
  • Raw Salmon: Similar to Cod, Salmon is found anywhere between levels five to 32. They spawn in groups of three to five and are red and green in colour, other than being slightly longer than Cod. They spawn in the same biomes as Cod as well. 

You can get these fishes by well, fishing for them in the biomes mentioned above. Once you have some of these items on hand, you can get underwater and find some dolphins. To feed them, all you need to do is approach them and right-click with the food item equipped in your hand. 

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