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What does Amazon Choice mean?

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Amazon is without a doubt the largest eCommerce store on the planet. With such sheer scale, however, also comes a plethora of choices to make, something that can be rather daunting if you’re just someone browsing the website. 

In this article, we’re talking about the small ‘Amazon’s Choice’ tag that appears on the website whenever you’re looking for a product, what it means, and whether or not you should trust Amazon’s choice.

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Amazon Choice explained

If you’ve ever looked for something on Amazon, you’ll know that your search results are flooded with identical-looking products priced slightly differently. To tackle this issue, Amazon has created the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ tag that appears beside a single product in the search results.

According to the company, the title is given to a product that’s highly rated, compartively well-priced and available for shipping immediately. They’re also delivered rather quickly and are returned less frequently than the alternatives.

It was introduced back in 2015 for Amazon Echo with the idea to create a rather seamless shopping experience using voice commands, where the customer can’t exactly see what they’re buying. Amazon could use their order history to figure out the customer’s brand preferences and needed a default option to suggest. The feature later arrived on the web and phone apps in 2016. 

How does Amazon decide this?

The company hasn’t publicly revealed what the requirements are for the infamous tag, that said, they do state that the tag just echoes their recommendation, with the customer always being free to choose the final product based on their own preferences. 

The badge, however, is most likely handed out by an algorithm, as it’ll be next to impossible for human employees to go through all the products and recommend one based on a varying set of parameters. The badge certainly isn’t in line with Amazon’s editorial opinion. 

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