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Does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

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Amazon is an American multinational company which largely focuses on e-commerce, online advertising, digital streaming, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Originally it started as an online book-selling company.

Amazon is growing every day and the use of the latest drone delivery system has shown that Amazon is trying to stay ahead of other competitors.

In this article, we have discussed does Amazon delivers on Sunday or not and various factors about Amazon’s Sunday delivery.

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday or not?

Amazon does deliver on Sundays but it will deliver packages on Sundays to your door not totally depending on where you live. Amazon delivers packages on Sundays to selective areas. It delivers household goods during weekends to selective ZIP codes.

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How to know that Amazon delivers at your location on Sundays?

Amazon states that weekend deliveries are available in many areas and if weekend deliveries are available to your address then it will be specified on the product page and/or during checkout.

For addresses where weekends deliveries are not available, the two-day delivery is based on two business days time excluding Saturday and Sunday.

How to change your location on Amazon?

If you want to change your location on Amazon follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open your Amazon account and then click on the Deliver to option.

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

Step 2: In the address box that appeared, select your desired ZIP code where you want Amazon to deliver your package and then click on the Done button.

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

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Who handles Sunday deliveries?

Sunday deliveries are done by the workers employed by Amazon, workers arrive at the usual time and sort the products for the ZIP codes where weekend deliveries are available and deliver them. Amazon also uses the services of UPS and USPS to deliver packages on Sundays

What time does Amazon deliver on Sundays?

The delivery time on Sundays is 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM for the addresses where weekend delivery is available and the delivery time varies for different locations. If your package is coming by UPS or USPS then you will get your delivery by 6:00 PM if not by that time then probably the next day as UPS and USPS drivers usually deliver packages by 6:00 PM.

Do Sunday deliveries cost extra?

No, Sunday deliveries will not cost extra, the standard shipping charges will apply.

Are Sunday deliveries free for Amazon Prime members?

Yes, the Sunday deliveries are free for Amazon Prime members and it is just one of the perks of being an Amazon Prime member.

Does Amazon deliver to Amazon Locker on Sundays?

No, Amazon does not deliver to Amazon Locker on Sundays, as all the deliveries to these locations are done on business days only, to avoid any irregularities.

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