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What does efficiency do in Minecraft?

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While Minecraft places a lot of importance on mining elements and crafting all the equipment you need, the game has a few tricks up its sleeve that players can use to create even better weapons.

We’re talking about enchantments. You can enchant your weapons, armour and tools using an enchantment table or anvil to add additional perks to them like greater damage, higher chances of getting precious drops and even the ability to channel lightning bolts.

In this article, we’re talking about the efficiency enchantment, what does it do, everything else you need to know about the effect.

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Efficiency in Minecraft

The efficiency enchantment can be applied to pickaxes, shovels, axes, hoes and shears in the game and has five different levels, each increasing the speed of mining whatever it is you’re trying to collect. However, choosing the right tool for the job is still important as the mining enchantment will have no effect unless you’re using the right tool.  

What does efficiency do in Minecraft?
Make sure your enchantment table is surrounded by 15 bookshelves for maximum effect.

Remember that diamond and stone tools can’t receive enchantment level five through the enchantment table. Stone tools can be given Efficiency V by combining two items with Efficiency IV in an anvil. Diamond tools having Efficiency V can be found in End City and Bastion Remnant chests. 

When applied to an axe, the Efficiency enchantment increases the chance for a shield to be temporarily disabled, with the chance increasing by level.

  • Level I: +25%
  • Level II: +30%
  • Level III: +35%
  • Level IV: +40%
  • Level V: +45%

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