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What does it mean to flag an email?

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The email has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1965. Nowadays, email clients are far more capable with several features that we use daily.

Emails have made it a lot easier to stay on top of your schedule and keep a tab on emails that you have to respond to later. It also offers you the convenience of taking further action on the emails you have marked as important.

Keep reading this article to know more about flagging emails and where can you find your flagged emails to refer to them later.

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What does flagging emails mean?

Flagging an email essentially means setting a reminder for yourself to follow up the message or take further action for the particular email you have flagged.

You can flag or star mark an email to stay on top of your schedule, as well as things like checking reminders for meetings, birthday parties, important appointments and anything else you might need to refer to later.

Why is flagging an email important?

By flagging an email that you are sending out to a recipient on Outlook, you are also setting a reminder for yourself to do a follow-up and check whether the criteria’s of the email have been met.

While on Gmail, you are offered the convenience to star mark any mail to appear on the top of your screen to not miss out on the important activity you have marked for later.

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How to flag emails on Gmail?

You can star mark emails you receive on your Gmail to follow up on the message later and complete the task.

What does it mean to flag an email?

You can flag an email as starred by simply opening the Gmail app and tapping on the star next to the email. The star icon is visible both in the general inbox view and when viewing a specific email.

To check your starred emails, follow the steps below.

What does it mean to flag an email?
  • You can check your Starred messages by tapping on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Tap on Starred option to check the messages you have marked.

How to flag an email on your PC?

Starring emails on your is like starring emails on the Gmail app. Open Gmail on your web browser and click on the star icon beside the email you want to mark as Starred.

What does it mean to flag an email?

You’ll find the Starred emails on the top of your screen every time you open Gmail on your PC; Alternatively, you can also click on the star icon in the Gmail taskbar to check your Starred mails.

What does it mean to flag an email?

How to flag emails on Outlook?

Flagged messages in Outlook appear in the To-Do Bar, in Tasks and the Daily Task List on your calendar.

Here’s how you can flag emails in Outlook when a message is closed

Step 1: Once in the message list, right-click the Flag column and select Add Reminder.

Step 2: Head over to the Custom dialogue box and select Due Date. Here you can add custom due dates for each task.

Step 3: Make sure that the Reminder box is checked. You can also select a date and time for when you want to be reminded and the sound for the reminder.

Once you’re done setting everything up, click OK to save your changes. Additionally, you can quickly click the Flag button to follow up on an email with a one-day reminder or right-click for multiple options, including setting a custom date.

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