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What does Out for Delivery mean?

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If you have ordered a package recently and are awaiting its arrival, then you are probably waiting for its delivery status to read ‘Out for delivery’. Usually, we all know what this phrase entails, that your package will be delivered that day, however, the time is left unspecified, which makes it inconvenient for you to step out or go somewhere, lest the package is missed. Hence, knowing the meaning of the phrase ‘Out for Delivery’ can be time-saving and anxiety-relieving.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning behind the phrase ‘Out for Delivery’ and other phrases, as well as what to do if your delivery is delayed.

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The difference between ‘Out for Delivery’ and other phrases

Given below is a list of all the phrases that are used in relation to the ‘delivery’ of a product, they are as follows:

  • Out for delivery: Your package has been received at a local distribution area where a delivery agent has picked it up and will be delivering it the following day. That is what it means by the phrase ‘out for delivery’, the agent is going around the city delivering all the packages that they collected from the distribution center. Now, there is more than one delivery agent in place according to the size of the company from where you have ordered your product and their delivery services. If you have scheduled your delivery time at the time of placing your order, then it can arrive anytime between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Shipped: The package ordered by you is shipped to the local warehouse destination where it will be ready to be delivered. The term ‘shipped’ indicates that your order is ready to be tracked. This stage takes place before your package is ‘out for delivery’. It refers to being en route to the destination post office or the local warehouse destination.
  • In transit: This stage occurs before and after being shipped. The entire time the package is traveling is termed as the package being in transit. You can track your package with a consignment number to check its progress which will differ according to the time it takes at any one facility. The customers do not receive any notifications of this stage, in fact, all notifications stay silent until the ‘shipped’ or ‘out for delivery’ stage.

The meaning of ‘Out for Delivery’

From the moment your package is collected by the delivery agent or a truck from the local post office or the local warehouse, to the time it is delivered to your doorstep, the package is considered to be ‘out for delivery’. The delivery time may vary on many circumstances including weather, traffic, and the number of packages to be delivered. Usually, the ‘out for delivery’ status should be changed to ‘delivered’ within a few hours especially if you have set a prior delivery time.

You will also be given the approximate time by which your package will arrive as well as the number of the delivery agent, whom you can call to ask the time by when they will deliver the package. The delivery person will also let you know if any problem occurs with the delivery truck or your package.

There might be times when your package might not arrive on time and is taking longer than usual, this may be because your package was damaged in transit and is being replaced. You will receive a notice from your merchant or delivery agency if this happens. If you are seeing a ‘delivered’ status but cannot find your package anywhere, then you can try contacting the delivery agent or the shipping company.

The ‘out for delivery’ phrase is also referred to as the ‘last mile carrier’, where the package will arrive with the delivery agent after leaving the local distribution center. The last-mile carrier might face problems if the delivery agent is unable to find you or your address, which would prompt them to take your package back to the warehouse or post office.

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