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What does punch do in Minecraft?

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Having the right items can make a lot of difference in Minecraft. However, that’s not all that there is when it comes to weapons and tools. The game also has several enchantments that players can use to add extra features to their items.

In this article, we’re talking about the Punch enchantment in Minecraft.

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Punch in Minecraft

The Punch enchantment can be applied to bows and increases the knockback dealt when a mob or another player is hit by an arrow shot from the enchanted bow, much like the Knockback enchantment that you can apply melee weapons. This causes the mob or player to be repelled backwards or opposite the direction they were shot. 

The enchantment goes as high as level II and deals its maximum knockback on the highest level. For each level, the enchantment will add three blocks of distance to the knockback, meaning at Punch II, you’ll knockback the enemy by a total of six blocks. If you’re using commands to increase the enchantment level, the effect will cap off at 255 blocks. 

What does punch do in Minecraft?

In order to make the enchantment, you’re going to require a bow, which can be crafted, obtained by killing skeletons and strays or be traded from Fletcher villagers, and an enchanted book. Alternatively, enchanted bows can be found by trading with a Fletcher villager. 

To get a Punch II bow, you’re going to need a higher level enchanting table, which can be made by placing 15 bookshelves around an enchanting table in a specific pattern. Once that’s done, you’re going to need some Lapis Lazuli and experience points to enchant your bow with Punch I or Punch II. 

Alternatively, you can also use an anvil to enchant your bow with the help of an enchantment book if you happen to have one around. 

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