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What happens when you block someone on Messenger?

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Facebook’s Messenger, alongside Whatsapp, is one of the most used instant messaging services online as it caters to billions of Facebook users. While people are mostly having fun on social networks, there is no dearth of trollers and abusers, which could include someone we know.

Thankfully, similar to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, you can also block users specifically from Messenger. This won’t block them from Facebook overall but will prevent them from contacting you via the Messenger app or Facebook chats.

While you can block a user on Facebook and be done with it, if you don’t want to do that, you can alternatively also block someone just on Messenger, which is a bit different.

In this article, we’ve explained what happens when you block someone on Messenger.

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Things a blocked person can and can’t do on Messenger

Once you’ve blocked someone on Messenger, they won’t be able to chat or call you on Messenger or Facebook Chat. They also won’t receive any messages you send after blocking them. Blocked users also can’t join rooms that you’re participating in actively.

However, the people you’ve blocked on Messenger can still see your profile on Facebook, including your posts where they can leave comments as well. If you and the blocked user are in the same group conversation, they’ll also be able to see your messages there. You’ll be notified if someone you’ve blocked is a part of a group before you enter that conversation.

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In short, blocking someone on Messenger only stops them from sending you messages or calling on Messenger or Facebook chat, but they aren’t blocked from Facebook.

Also, users aren’t notified when you block them on Messenger.

If you’re still not sure about blocking someone on Messenger, you can alternatively also decide to turn off notifications for messages from a certain person as well as ignore or delete a conversation.

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What happens when you block someone on Messenger Kids?

If your kid doesn’t want to talk to someone on Messenger or you don’t want them to, you can block users on Messenger Kids as well, unless you decide to remove the contact.

Similar to blocking someone on Messenger in general, the blocked user won’t be able to contact your child, but they’ll still appear in mutual group chats, unless your child leaves the group. The user won’t be notified that they’ve been blocked.

Your kid will still be able to see the profile picture of the blocked user and all the conversation history before they were blocked. If you don’t want either to be visible to your child, you can remove that user as a contact.

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