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What happens when you block someone on YouTube?

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Youtube has grown to be one of the first names people hear when it comes to videos on the internet, including online streams. With over a billion monthly active users who watch tens of billions of hours of content every month and have something to say about everything, it’s nothing out of the ordinary to find a few people you disagree with and vice-versa. While people usually move on from such disagreements, if the said person has been trolling you incessantly, you might want to consider reporting, muting and even blocking them.

However, if you’re not sure what happens once you block someone on Youtube, here we’re going to discuss just that to draw a clearer picture for you.

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Blocking someone on YouTube

When you block someone on Youtube, you’re essentially blocking them across Google platforms that are linked with the Google account, which includes Hangouts, Google Chat, Google Photos, Google Maps and Google Pay.

So, if you’ve blocked someone on on any of the other Google products, they’ll be blocked for you on Youtube too. However, you can also block a user through Youtube to stop them from commenting, as explained below.

Like any other responsible online platform. Youtube or Google doesn’t notify anyone if you’ve blocked their account.

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Blocking a commenter on YouTube

If you block any user on Youtube, they won’t be able to comment on your videos.

If you’re a Youtube channel owner and a specific or a group of commenters have been harassing you consistently, you can block or hide them from your channel and videos through the Youtube Studio (Settings > Community > Copy their URL in ‘hidden users’ box > Save).

Once you block a commenter on Youtube, all of their previous comments on your channel will be hidden within the next 48 hours. None of their future or past comments will appear in the Comments page of your Youtube Studio. As mentioned above, they won’t be notified that their account has been blocked or hidden.

If you choose to unblock a user in the future, none of their old comments will re-appear in your videos, but their future comments will show up in the comments section.

Channel owners can also block someone on Youtube through live chat or notifications inbox.

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