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What is a vex in Minecraft?

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The Minecraft world is full of hostile mobs that the player has to fight to survive. Apart from the usual walking mobs, you might encounter, some have special abilities requiring different tactics to fight off.

In this article, we’re talking about Vex in Minecraft.

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What is a Vex?

Vexes are one of the only two flying mobs that can spawn in the Overworld (the other being a Phantom. Vexes are immune to damage from lava, drowning, fire and falling. They’re also not hindered by solid blocks, meaning they can fly through walls, floors, trees or even the ground.

They’re summoned by evokers. For those who don’t know, Evokers are Illagers found in Woodland mansions or during raids. When threatened, they lift their arms emitting smoke. One Evoker can summon 2-4 Vexes at a time. If an evoker spawns low enough, their vexes can also fly into the void. 

What is a vex in Minecraft?

If you’re playing with cheats enabled, you can summon a vex using the following command.

/summon vex [position] [nbt]

Note that the [position] and [nbt] tags are optional. Position determines the coordinates where the vex will spawn, and NBT is a tag that sets different properties for the spawned vex.

Vexes will attack villagers, iron golems other than the player itself. Since it’s a hostile mob, it’ll attack you only in survival mode. Apart from that, they also attack any mob on the evoker’s command. When idle, they hover around their evoker. 

Fighting Vexes

Vexes will only take damage from a sword, bow and arrow and the player’s hands themselves. When you kill a Vex, it won’t drop anything; however, you will get three experience points. It also carries an iron sword as a weapon, so be careful when fighting one-off.

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