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How to make pink terracotta in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a lot of blocks that you can use for construction, but there are a few which have a smooth texture. A nicely textured block can make a lot of difference to your base’s appearance. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at how you can make pink terracotta blocks in Minecraft.

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Making Pink Terracotta

Terracotta is a smooth texture block found in the badlands biome. It’s exactly what terracotta is in real life, just a smooth clay block used in construction in the game. At the moment, there aren’t any other uses for the terracotta block in Minecraft.

However, you can colour (or dye) terracotta blocks in either of the available dyes in the game. All you need is eight terracotta blocks and one dye of your choice. In this article, we’re going with the pink dye. 

Pink dyes can be made using the following three methods.

  • Combining red and white dyes.
  • Using a pink tulip.
  • Using 1 peony. 

You’re also going to need a crafting table as making pink terracotta requires a 3 x 3 crafting grid. Once you have everything, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Walk up to the crafting table and right-click to interact.

How to make pink terracotta in Minecraft?

Step 2: Place the terracotta and dye in the exact pattern below.

How to make pink terracotta in Minecraft?

Once you’re done crafting, move the pink terracotta blocks back to your inventory for use.

Making glazed pink terracotta

Once you’ve got pink terracotta blocks, you can further burn them in a furnace to get glazed pink terracotta. This adds a certain texture to the blocks, making them suitable for any construction projects you might have.

Step 1: Walk up to your furnace and right-click to interact.

How to make pink terracotta in Minecraft?

Step 2: Add the pink terracotta block in the top slot and a fuel source (like coal) in the bottom. Once the glazed block is ready, move it to your inventory for later use. 

How to make pink terracotta in Minecraft?

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