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What is FB jail and how to avoid it?

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Facebook is the most popular social media platform where you can share your views, thoughts, photos and videos, with people from across the globe. With over 2.41 billion monthly active users, which is about one-third of the world’s population at present, Facebook is undoubtedly a titan among the social media platforms.

Facebook has a definite set of community guidelines which the users must adhere to, failing which they can shadowban or block you temporarily and even permanently if you fail to follow its guidelines.

In this article, we will talk about the Fb jail, how long is the jail period, reasons for Fb jail and will also give you some tips so that you can avoid it.

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What is Fb Jail?

When Facebook blocks or bans the users from posting, it is termed as Facebook jail. It is a slang used by Facebook members with no official definition anywhere. You can be sent to Fb jail if you do not follow its community standards.

How long is the Fb jail term?

How long will you be in Facebook jail will be determined by the reasons why you were there in the first place. Usually, the jail term ranges from a few days to a maximum of 30 days.

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Reasons for Fb jail?

How to verify your Facebook page or account | Candid.TechnologyNow that you have understood the meaning of Fb jail let us understand some of the reasons for which Facebook puts you in FB jail. The reasons are given below.

Reasons Facebook is blocking you from messaging

If you are blocked from messaging on Facebook, these might be the reasons:

  • You might have sent a lot of messages in a short time, which was tagged as spam by Facebook.
  • People have flagged your messages.

Reasons you cannot send friend requests to people

Sometimes, Facebook blocks you from sending friend requests to the people. It can happen because of the reasons mentioned below.

  • You have sent loads of friend requests, which was tagged as spam by Facebook.
  • Many of your friend requests were unanswered.
  • Or, your friend requests had been flagged by the people.

Reasons why you are blocked from sharing on Facebook

If you cannot share anything on Facebook, these might be the reasons.

  • You must have posted a lot in a short amount of time.
  • Your posts were flagged by the people.
  • Or, you didn’t follow the Facebook community standards.

Note: You can see the posts on your news feed while being blocked.

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How to avoid Fb jail?

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We understand that it is hard to be away from Facebook in this digital age. Therefore, we will help you to avoid the Fb jail by mentioning a few points that you can follow.

  • Send the friend request and messages to only the people you know so that the likelihood of you receiving a reply and your friend request being accepted the increase.
  • If you want to connect with an unknown person or someone you vaguely know, instead of sending them a friend request, follow them.
  • Also, you must ensure that you have the same Facebook name that you are using in real life.
  • Avoid sending friend requests or posting on your wall in a frenzy.
  • Make sure that you do not post hateful comments.
  • Your posts should not incite crime nor self-injury.
  • Make sure that your posts are not promoting false advertising, false news, spam content or nudity.

Read more of the community guidelines here. It’s simple, follow the guidelines, and you will be out of Facebook jail.

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