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What is Microsoft PowerToys? A concise Explainer

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Windows 11 is packed with features designed to increase efficiency and productivity. However, with Microsoft PowerToys, you can add even more functionality to your daily workflows.

Whether you’re a power user looking for advanced features or just someone who wants to make their PC more efficient, PowerToys has something for you.

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In this article, we’ll explain the exciting features of Microsoft PowerToys.

Here’s what we will cover:

What is Microsoft PowerToys?

Microsoft PowerToys is an open-source project with a set of utilities designed to enhance productivity and add advanced features to Windows 11. These tools offer advanced functionality that goes beyond the default capabilities of the Windows operating system. From managing windows to remapping keys, PowerToys provides a range of features to enhance your workflow and make your computer more efficient.

PowerToys was first introduced with Windows 95, allowing users to access additional features and tools not included in the standard operating system. After a long hiatus, Microsoft revived PowerToys for Windows 10 in 2019, driven by the open-source community’s contributions and feedback.

This revival brought a modern touch to the utilities, making them more relevant for contemporary users. Today, PowerToys continues to receive regular updates and new features, making it an essential tool for Windows enthusiasts.

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How to install Microsoft PowerToys?

Installing PowerToys is straightforward and can be done in a few different ways. Here’s how you can get started:

From GitHub

Read our article on how to download Microsoft PowerToys via GitHub for a detailed explanation.

Microsoft Store

Downloading Microsoft PowerToyos from the Microsoft Store is pretty easy. Search for PowerToys in the store, click on the app, and hit Install.

Windows Package Manager

Those inclined to do things via the command-line way can install PowerToys via the Windows Package Manager. Open Command Prompt or PowerShell and enter the command: winget install Microsoft.PowerToys

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Getting started with PowerToys

Once installed, PowerToys will appear in your taskbar. Click on the icon to open the PowerToys menu, where you can enable and configure various utilities. Here are some interesting functionalities:

PowerToys Run

PowerToys Run is an efficient application launcher designed to enhance your productivity. By pressing Alt + Space, you can swiftly search for and open applications, locate files, and even perform quick web searches or calculations. This tool simplifies the process of finding and launching programs or files, ensuring a smoother and faster workflow.

Colour Picker

The Colour Picker utility allows you to see the hex codes of any element’s colour that appears on your screen. By pressing the Windows key + Shift + C, you can activate the tool and click on any display area to obtain the precise colour code.

This feature is for you if you are a designer or developer who requires accurate colour details.


FancyZones is a window management tool that helps you create custom layouts for enhanced multitasking. With this feature, you can effortlessly snap windows into predefined zones, facilitating better organisation of your workspace and boosting productivity.

Keyboard Manager

The Keyboard Manager utility lets you remap keys and create custom shortcuts, allowing you to tailor your keyboard to your specific needs. This is particularly useful for power users who want to streamline their workflows.

File Explorer Add-ons

PowerToys includes several enhancements for File Explorer, such as a preview pane for SVG and Markdown files. These add-ons provide additional functionality and improve your file management experience.

Image Resizer

Image Resizer lets you quickly change the dimensions of images directly from File Explorer with a right-click. This tool is ideal for those who often need to resize images, whether for web development, graphic design, or everyday photo management.


This tool is quite handy for renaming bulk folders or files in one go. You can also perform search and replace on certain files. Also, you can check the expected rename results or undo a rename operation.

Apart from these features, many other features in PowerToys, including Mouse Utilities, Peek, PowerToys Awake, and Shortcut Guide, offer a wealth of productivity enhancements.

In conclusion, Microsoft PowerToys allows you to perform several power functions that aren’t available on normal Windows 11 versions.

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