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What is Multishot used for in Minecraft?

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What is Multishot used for in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s core gameplay requires the player to hunt for supplies, dig up elements and craft items needed to survive in the world. However, as you progress in the Minecraft world, you might lack some of your tools and weapons.

One way to get around this is to make your tools and weapons from stronger items, such as diamond, iron or netherite. However, even that might not be quite what you need, and that’s where enchantments come in to save the day.

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Multishot in Minecraft

Multishot is a Minecraft enchantment that can be applied to crossbows allowing them to shoot three arrows at once, each 10 degrees apart horizontally, at the cost. This means that while you’re shooting three arrows simultaneously, only one is used from your inventory. 

Once shot, only the central arrow can be retrieved. In the Java edition, only one arrow can damage the same mob. If multiple arrows hit the same mob, only the first will deal damage, deflect the rest. This happens due to damage immunity in the game.

Tipped/spectral arrows and firework rockets work the same way as arrows for enchantment. The enchantment will also cause the crossbow to lose three durability points instead of one. 

What is Multishot used for in Minecraft?
The Multishot enchantment shoots three arrows instead of one.

The enchantment can be applied using an enchanting table, anvil, or in-game commands if you’re playing in creative mode with cheats enabled. 

When using the enchantment, one thing to keep in mind is that it only has one level. This means that even if you increase the level of the enchantment using commands (not possible using an anvil or enchantment table), the maximum you can shoot at once is three arrows.

Another thing is that the Multishot enchantment is mutually exclusive with the Piercing enchantment. However, you can combine them using commands, in which case, all three arrows shot using Multishot will also exhibit the Piercing enchantment’s piercing abilities. 

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