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What is a Parse error? 5 ways to fix it

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Apps are the bedrock of the entire smartphone experience as they allow us to explore the full potential of the hardware of our smartphones. We rely on these apps for communication, entertainment, productivity, and many more things. Installing an app on a smartphone is a simple task, but it can give you problems at times.

Multiple issues and errors can pop up when you try to install an app, among them is Parse Error.

If the installation of an Android app fails, it results in a Parse Error. The message displayed on the screen does not tell much about the cause of the error. There can be multiple causes of the error, and you need to figure out what problem is your phone facing while installing the app.

What causes a Parse error?

Following are the five primary reasons because of which the app isn’t getting installed.

  • The setup or the apk file of the app is corrupt, damaged, or some part of the file is missing.
  • The app isn’t compatible with the Android version installed on your device.
  • Antivirus or any other security app is preventing the app from installing on your device.
  • You don’t have the permissions to install an app on the device.
  • The app has been modified and now isn’t compatible with the phone.

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5 ways you can fix Parse Error on Android?

Here are a few ways by which you can resolve Parse error.

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Downloading the file again

While downloading the apk file, the file can get damaged or corrupt if you have a lousy internet connection. You can try downloading the file again from the same or different trusted source. Try installing it then.

By upgrading your device’s software and hardware

If your smartphone is running an older version of Android, update it to the latest version. Many apps don’t work on an older version, and compatibility issues occur. If your smartphone manufacturer has stopped providing updates, you can also install custom ROMs. But running custom ROM has its problems and be careful while doing it.

By using an older version of the app

If you don’t want to update your Android version or install a custom ROM, you can go with an older version of the app compatible with the installed Android version on your phone. This may give you fewer features or functionality which were added to the app in later versions.

By disabling the anti-virus

Parse error can also occur if your antivirus is preventing the app from getting installed. You can disable your antivirus or other security apps for a short period and activate the after installing the app.

Other methods

You also need to check if the setup file is modified or not. If it is, try to restore it to the original state and then install it. You can also reset your smartphone and give it another shot. Resetting your phone will erase your data, so be careful with it and do it if you have to install the app and can’t afford to let it go.

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