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What is a PIM and why do you need it?

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If you are working in eCommerce, you know how difficult it is to maintain all your products correctly. As the company grows, so does the list of prices, labels and descriptions. As a result, it becomes almost unmanageable to keep up with all the changes without help from the right technologies. What is the best way to facilitate a seamless customer and employee experience? -PIM, also known as Product Information Management, lets users store and manage complex product information. Today, we will talk about its goals, use and benefits to further familiarize you with the topic. Let’s enjoy the read!

A few words about PIM software

Product Information Management (PIM) software manages and centralizes an eCommerce business’ product information to ensure a single view of its data. It serves as a platform that enriches and governs related digital assets across different teams to provide an engaging product experience and sell it across multiple marketing channels.

Note that such systems can streamline the work of sellers, manufacturers, and distributors and are crucial for businesses looking to simplify their data management processes and drive online sales.

Why should you use Product Information Management?

When the complexity of product data increases, you will need tools that help you perform and facilitate growth. As such, a product information management system will heavily benefit your organization. It helps with the import of assets from multiple systems in varied formats and also with the identification of possible errors or contradictions in product documents and complex product relationships.

Even more so, it is especially vital to those that need to provide their consumers with different layers of product data detail, maintain consistency and distribute information to multiple sales channels. Ultimately, it leads to better marketing, making an organization more attractive to customers.

The benefits of implementing a PIM system

PIM solutions offer substantial company advantages that will boost productivity and earnings. One of the key ones is that the system works as a centralized database of all types of data, making it easier to find the necessary information in real-time. It allows you to launch new items in many sales channels quickly and saves you time and costs associated with the product update.

It is also worth noting that you can easily modify the content and photographs because of the editor’s transparency. And last but not least, you need not worry about other systems already used in your organization, as PIM perfectly integrates with eCommerce platforms.

How to choose and implement a system that helps manage data, stay on track with the progress, and make your daily work way more manageable? A lot of companies use help from Software House for the proper application of the system, ensuring its effectiveness. The experts are allowed to implement the PIM system quickly and with optimal settings.

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