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What is a Text Mail subscriber?

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When you receive a constant stream of random text messages or calls arriving from random numbers, it can be cumbersome and annoying to block all of them. If you try calling back, they are either unreachable or unavailable. This can intensify your irritation and leave you confused as well.

In this article, we will help you find out what a text mail subscriber is and how you can recognise them as well as how you can find out who they are.

What is a text mail subscriber?

A text mail subscriber is a person who, on behalf of a company, texts you information about promotions, ongoing sales, or other attractive deals to gain your attention. Text mail from such companies or individuals usually comes with a link that is sent by them through the web.

Since they are using a computer to send a bunch of numbers texts, this entire procedure is called text mail and explains why you are unable to reach out to them when you call back.

The aim of a text mail subscriber is to get you to either click on the link or buy their product using the link.

As legal as this sounds, this method is most commonly used to spam and dupe people to click on risky links. In almost every outlet store that you may visit on top of online websites, asking for your phone number is a fairly common procedure.

Yet it is not mandatory to give your number to retailers when they inform you openly that you can get information regarding your bill, current sales, or promo codes by merely providing your phone number.

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Are text mail subscribers safe?

Text message marketing can be an important tool for businesses to help connect with their audiences. So in order to classify the nature and safety of a text mail subscriber, you will have to find out more about who they are without compromising any information about yourself:

  • You can look for any previous mentions of the text mail subscriber’s contact number on Google.
  • You can run their alphanumeric number on social media platforms like Facebook.
  • Use a call-identifying app to check if you can find their name or the region from where the call is originating. You can also block the number on your end.
  • Use any reverse phone lookup service to find out in-depth information about the owner of the unknown number.

If you cannot figure out who is calling or texting you, then you should block the number without clicking on any links.

Recognising spam texts

If you are unsure about the nature of the text, you can differentiate between spammers or telemarketers by comparing the text sent by the text mail subscriber with the following criteria usually associated with spam messages:

  • A random link in the message can be dangerous and contain either a virus or a scam to get your personal information. Never click on any suspicious link sent in messages unless verified.
  • The text in the text mail will have typing errors, use wrong grammar, or make use of slang.
  • If the text is asking you to provide some information about yourself which includes your name, address, or email address among other details.
  • They might cite a random due payment and ask you to repay this supposed bill as soon as possible.
  • The text messages sound urgent and make you perceive the small duration of time you have left to respond and take care of any due payments. This might even place you in a mode of panic and you might act in a hurry to provide any required information.
  • Text mail might also offer attractive and click-bait offers.

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