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5 innovative things you can do with a broken TV

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If you have a broken or old LCD Television just lying around collecting dust, worry not, as it can yet be useful. You can find many alternates and creative uses for a TV screen rather than dumping it out. An LCD screen can be used in many ways if you figure out how it works. You can make a projector out of it, an interactive mirror, a see-through screen, and more!

We bring you five innovative uses for an LCD screen that you never knew were possible. YouTubers worldwide have come up with ideas for reusing LCD screens.

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5 innovative fixes for an LCD screen

Try following at least one of the five options given below before you chuck out your old television:

A do-it-yourself smart mirror

A DIY mirror contains a small, low-cost computer called Raspberry Pi, an LCD monitor screen, a wooden frame, and a two-way mirror. There are many tutorials online to help you create a smart mirror that interacts with you every day. It displays the weather and plays music and videos, among other cool functions. One such DIY tutorial is given below.

Create DAKboard

DAKboard is a company that provides LCD wall displays, CPUs, and microSD to plug into your raspberry pi. You can either buy a DAKboard and their software or buy the CPU and create your own DAKboard with your broken LCD TV screen. A DAKboard is pretty similar to a smart mirror, except that it is not a mirror; it is a dashboard that displays all kinds of information. This ranges from time, stocks, weather forecasts, fitness information, and news. Make your own by watching the following video!

Dual monitor set-up

Expand your view by turning your TV screen into a second monitor for your PC. Add an extra screen as it helps you prioritise your tasks and multitask while playing games or attending online meetings. You can set up a dual monitor set-up by attaching your TV to an MXQ 4K pro box in case you do not have a smart TV. If you have a smart Tv, watch the YouTube video below.

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A DIY skylight

An LCD screen consists of liquid crystals, LED lights, a light-guided plate, a diffuser, and prism plates. You can easily make a light-panelled screen by using the plates in an LCD TV display. Light seems to come from far away, giving a daylight effect to your room. Remove the LCD panel as it is non-functional when dismantling the entire TV set. You can watch the video below to make your daylight panel or lamp safely.

Transparent display

You might need expert help dismantling the LCD TV to make a see-through display. However, at the end of this project, you will own something unique.

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Sell or Recycle

If you are still going to dispose of the TV, think about recycling it by disassembling the entire unit into plastics and metals. Before that, you can also try selling the same, for its parts or as a whole if the broken screen is repaired.

The environmental cost of throwing a television into a garbage dump is high due to mercury. Hence, it is recommended that you try to salvage the parts and re-use them.

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