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When does Spotify wrapped come out?

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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps available in the world. While the app has loads of features that make it perfect for streaming, it also has several social features that let users share their music with friends. Additionally, Spotify also released a wrap-up of the music its users listen to at the end of every year.

In this article, we’re talking about when Spotify Wrapped comes out. 

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Spotify Wrapped explained

As mentioned above, Spotify Wrapped is a wrap-up of all the music and artists you’ve listened to in the past year. The 2022 Spotify Wrapped came out on November 30, with 2021 Wrapped releasing on December 1. It is generally released at the end of the year so you can expect 2023 Wrapped to come out sometime at the end of November or the beginning of December. 

It started off in 2016 and it’s essentially meant as a fun way for Spotify users to show off their music taste. Wrapped also revealed the most popular artists, songs, albums and podcasts globally and regionally for that particular year. As a Spotify user, you can expect the following to be included in your Wrapped. 

  • My Top Genres
  • Audio Day (includes music listened to during mornings, afternoons and nights)
  • My Minutes Listened 
  • My Top Song
  • My Top Songs
  • My Top Artist
  • My Top Artists
  • Your Listening Personality. 

Spotify Wrapped is also only accessible for a few days when it is released. That said, there are several workarounds you can take to look it up even after it disappears from the app’s main interface. In case you can’t find your Spotify Wrapped, or are having issues seeing it, check out our detailed guide on Spotify Wrapped issues here

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