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What is the white circle with red exclamation mark on Discord server? 

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Discord is a popular online platform where you can communicate with your peers and friends on various servers. However, many people have reported seeing a white circle with a red exclamation mark on the Discord server.

This icon can mean a lot of things depending on the problem. In this article, we will examine the reasons behind this icon and how to fix it.

Meaning of the icon

The white circle with a red exclamation mark on the Discord server is a universal signal for alert. This icon means that there’s something that requires your urgent attention.

Here are some reasons why you are seeing this icon on Discord:

  • Network outage: Usually, people have reported seeing this icon when there is a network outage, and Discord cannot run properly. Maybe your internet is not working properly or there is a problem with our WiFi router or other hardware.
  • Discord server issues: Sometimes, the problem is not with your internet connection but with Discord. The Discord servers may be scheduled for maintenance or are suffering from other problems causing server-side issues.
  • Urgent action required: Users also see this icon if they have some urgent and incomplete action on Discord that requires their immediate attention. This icon reminds users to complete the task or action.

To know more about the root cause of the sign, hover the mouse over the icon and read the message.

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How to fix the white circle with a red exclamation mark on Discord issue?

Now that we have understood the reasons why you are seeing a white circle with a red exclamation mark on Discord, let us head to fixing the issue.

Here are some fixes that you should try to remove the sign:

Check your internet connection

The major reason for this sign is a weak or unstable internet connection. Thus, you should start by diagnosing the problems on your internet.

Photo: DG Studio /
Photo: DG Studio /

Start by assessing the internet hardware in your home or workplace. This includes your computer’s router, modem and network interface card (NIC). Ensure all the cables are properly attached to their respective ports and have no damage.

If you find any damaged hardware, immediately take it to the repair centre or repair it yourself. The same goes for all the wires. While you are at it, also check the ports.

We have written a detailed article on what to do if the internet is not working. Head to this article for additional information.

If the internet hardware works fine, you should check the WiFi and the plans. For more information, head to our article on what to do if the WiFi is not working.

Check Discord server

As we have explained earlier, it may happen that the Discord server isn’t working properly causing disruptions on the platform.

The easiest way to check whether Discord is down is by using a third-party website, Downdetector. Open the website and type Discord in the search box, and it will show you the server outages. Take a look at the screenshot above.

The second way to assess the Discord server is to head to the Discord server status page. When everything is going fine, you will see a ‘All Systems Operational’ message. Otherwise, you will see a message explaining which services are down.

Another way to assess the server situation at Discord is to visit their official social media handles. Usually, companies notify their users through these platforms if the server is scheduled for maintenance.

Complete the action

The third way to remove the white circle with a red exclamation mark on Discord is to complete the required action.

Hover your mouse pointer over the icon and read the message for additional information.

In conclusion, the white circle with a red exclamation mark on Discord could result from server outage, internet disruption or an incomplete task on the platform. Use the steps given above to resolve the issue easily and quickly.

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