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How to fix World War 3 error 151?

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World War 3 is a free-to-play first-person game shooter, which is developed by Farm 51 and published by wishlist Games and The 4 Winds Entertainment. World War 3 has only Multiplayer mode. It has great gameplay with realistic geography and details.

After the latest maintenance of World War 3, many users started facing errors that stopped them from entering the game; the error comes as ‘[151] Something went wrong’.

This article discusses the causes of World War 3 error 151 and a few easy fixes that might help you resolve the error.

What are the causes of World War 3 error 151?

Here are a few possible causes that might be causing the World War 3 error 151:

  • The server is under maintenance.
  • Server outage.
  • Poor Internet connection.

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How to fix World War 3 error 151?

Here are a few possible fixes that might help you resolve the WorlWar 3 error 151:

Wait for server maintenance to get completed

Usually, this error occurs when the servers are under maintenance; you cannot do anything but wait patiently till the server maintenance is completed. Normal server maintenance takes at least 30 minutes, but the duration can be short or long, depending on the updates developers make.

Follow the official Twitter page of World War 3 for regular updates on these errors and the timings of server maintenance. Click here to get to the official page of World War 3.

Servers are overloaded

Due to the increased number of players, the servers get overloaded. This game is a free-to-play game which attracts a lot of players. You can try entering the servers again and again or play at a time when the servers are less crowded.

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Try queuing the game

Que the game and then go to the customization tab; it will find a lobby. This method has worked for many players, and they entered the game successfully.

Check your Internet connection

You may have a poor internet connection, and that might be stopping you from entering the game servers and causing this error. So check your internet connection and restart your WIFI router.

Contact support

If you cannot resolve the error or have some other issues, you can contact support.

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