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How to wrap text around images in Photoshop?

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So you’ve been working on a banger of an art piece, or maybe it’s your first design for a magazine and you need to put in some text there.

No worries right? You just take the text tool and start typing away until you realise, text wrapping in Photoshop doesn’t quite work as it does in MS Word. You can wrap text around images quite effortlessly in Photoshop if you know what’s the end goal.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how you can wrap text around images in Photoshop for that extra artistic oomph.

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Wrapping text around images in Photoshop

It’s simpler than you think. Open Photoshop, and follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open up your image and do all your edits

Step 2: Once you’re happy with your edits, press Ctrl+R to bring up the rulers.

Step 3: Click and drag from the rulers to set your margins.

Step 4: When you’re happy with the margins, press P to get the pen tool. With the pen tool selected, draw a path around the object you want to wrap your text. Make sure your path is between the top and bottom margins.

Now I never claimed to be good at drawing did I? I’m sure you’ll do better

Step 5: Once you’ve drawn the initial path, hold down Shift and draw the path around the margins we just created.

Step 6: Now press T to select the text tool and start typing. You’ll notice that the text will remain inside the path you created regardless of the font or size.

For this example, I’m just going to fill the path with random text by going to Type > Paste Lorum Ipsum, which is the standard random text for pretty much everything.

As you can see, even after changing the size and font of the text, it still fits in the path we made. You can hide the margins using Ctrl+H to get a better look. Here’s the final version:

And that’s how you wrap text around whatever you like in Photoshop.

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