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How to fix Xbox Assist error 0x87dd0006?

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Encountering error 0x87dd0006 can be a frustrating roadblock for any Xbox user. This error typically occurs when trying to sign in to Xbox Live on Xbox One or a PC, and it can prevent access to online content and services.

Fixing this error is usually easy and requires only a few minutes. However, knowing what to do in such situations is crucial.

In this article, we’ll explain how to fix error 0x87dd0006 on Xbox.

What is Xbox error 0x87dd0006?

Error 0x87dd0006 is a network-related error that signifies a problem with the Xbox Live service or your connection.

The official Xbox support has this to say about this error code: “This may mean that there was a service outage just before you tried to sign in.”

Server issues, incorrect billing information, or network connection problems can cause this Xbox error.

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How to fix Xbox error 0x87dd0006?

Now that we have understood the probable causes of error 0x87dd0006 in Xbox let us now quickly head to the fixes:

Check Xbox server status

One of the first steps you can take is to assess the Xbox server situation. You cannot log in to Xbox if the servers are down, hence the error message.

To check the server status, visit the Xbox status page here.

Check your internet connection

You need a stable and fast internet connection to sign in to your Xbox account. If your internet is unstable or weak, you may face issues like this one while signing in.

You may need to check your network connection if you have already checked the Xbox server and found no issues.

Head to this article on what to do if the internet isn’t working.

If the problem is with your WiFi, head to this article on what to do if the WiFi isn’t working to fix it.

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Check your billing information

One primary step is to check your billing information. A purchase may be problematic, and you may have to repurchase the product. This can also cause error 0x87dd0006 in Xbox.

To see your billing information for Microsoft services, sign in to your Microsoft account and click on Order History.

Check if any purchase is pending or if the money is processed for a refund. If this is the case, you may have to do it again. Also, ensure that no one else uses your Microsoft account, which may lead to unauthorised purchases.

Restart you console

Restarting your Xbox console may sometimes fix minor bugs that may cause error 0x87dd0006.

  • To restart Xbox, press the Xbox button in the centre to open the Power Center. Next, select Restart Console and finally press Restart.
  • You can also press the centre button for more than 10 seconds to turn off the console and then press it again to restart it.

In conclusion, Xbox’s error 0x87dd0006 may occur due to server issues, faulty network, billing problem, or minor console bugs. Follow the steps that we have given above to fix the issue.

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