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What does ‘xd’ mean? Why and when is xd used?

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Emoticons have been an important part of text messaging for as long as text messaging itself has been around. Over time, people have created some pretty complicated emoticons using simple ASCII characters that we type. 

However, with the advent of emojis, GIFs and more expressive forms of emojis such as memojis, emoticons have become a thing of the past simply because, well, they’re sort of inconvenient to type.

That’s not the case will all emoticons, though. Some of the simpler ones have stayed. A lot of these emoticons are used by gamers since most in-game chatboxes don’t feature emojis. This article talks about the ‘xD’ emoji (also written as xd and XD) and what it means.

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Why is xd used?

Aforementioned, the ‘xd’ emoticon is often used by gamers as most in-game chat boxes don’t feature emojis of any sort. So if you were to get your message across to the enemy, you’re either going to have to resort to text acronyms or emoticons. 

Several emoticons have been rejuvenated this way, the most notable being ‘xd’ itself, as it’s much faster and convenient to type compared to just about any emoticon.

What does xd mean?

The ‘xd’ emoji signifies a laughing out loud face. Basically, a visual representation as good as it gets using letters, one might say. 

Now, why does this emoticon still exists are isn’t phased out like a lot of others? Well, the answer is simply because it’s one of the easiest emoticons to type and get’s the point across loud and clear. 

The ‘X’ and ‘D’ keys are quite close on a keyboard.

There are other emojis that depict a laughing or smiling face, which is still prevalent today, such as ‘:)’, ‘:D’ or ‘:-D’.

Still, as you can see, ‘xd’ is much easier to type, considering the ‘X’ and ‘D’ keys are quite close to each other, making the emoticon a perfect way to laugh at your enemies without distracting yourself from the keyboard. 

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Yadullah Abidi

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