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YouTube changes verification eligibility criteria and badge

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YouTube has announced changes coming to its verification program in late October that brings a new look to the verified badge and new eligibility criteria to get channels verified.

The checkmark that appears next to verified channel names and the music note on official artist channels will be removed and instead being replaced by badges that say YouTube Creators or YouTube Artists.

In its research, the company found that the checkmark (or verified sign) was often confused as an endorsement of the channel or video by the viewers instead of verification of identity, and they’re changing it reduce this confusion.

The company also mentioned that the checkmark was displayed inconsistently in community posts, live chats and comments and new look will remedy that. The new-look also makes it difficult to replicate the verified symbol. The verified icon will also be shown on YouTube mobile pages soon.

Change in the eligibility requirements to get verified on YouTube

Currently, YouTube requires a channel to have more than 100,000 subscribers to be verified. But as the platform grows, YouTube is looking to extend the yardstick and introduce new standards for verifying channels, that includes having proof of authenticity, among other factors mentioned below.

  • Authenticity: YouTube will judge whether the channel belongs to the real creator — person or company — that it is claiming to represent.
  • Prominence: YouTube will also take into consideration the impact of the channel by measuring if it’s well-known, highly searched and has an online presence outside of YouTube or not. They will also assess the popularity of the channel and if there are other channels by the same name.

The new eligibility criteria will be applicable to all channels. Verified channels that meet these requirements won’t need to re-apply, they’ll automatically receive the new badges.

Since these changes aren’t coming into effect until late October, no channel is losing the verification badges today. Those who aren’t eligible according to the new rules will be sent an email specifying that and can appeal their case.

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