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YouTube moves from fixed fee to 45% revenue share with Shorts creators

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Google’s play at rivalling Tiktok is bearing fruit as Youtube Shorts has gained momentum with over 30 billion daily views and started eating into Tiktok’s market. As a result, Youtube has moved from the fixed fee promised as part of the $100 million Shorts fund to rewarding creators with a 45% revenue share created via advertisements on Shorts.

Starting in early 2023, any creator with more than 1000 subscribers on their channel and 10 million views on Shorts within the past 90 days will be eligible apply to the new program and receive a 45% revenue share. Creators accepted into this program will also be able to see Fan Funding features like Super Chat, Super Stickers and Channel Memberships to monetise their channel.

In addition, Youtube is also testing a way for creators to use music from popular artists in their videos by either licensing the music or sharing the revenue with the artist. The feature is currently in beta in USA and will expand to more countries in 2023.

The new revenue share monetisation option expands on the Youtube Partner Program, introduced in 2007, which according to the company, has “paid creators, artists and media companies over $50B” over the past three years.

For clarity, the Youtube Partner Program’s existing criteria of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours stay the same, But this new criterion opens another avenue for not only creators already enrolled in the partner program but also for budding creators who’re engaging people via Shorts.

“In Shorts, ads run between videos in the Shorts Feed. So, every month, revenue from these ads will be added together and used to reward Shorts creators and help cover costs of music licensing,” Youtube announced.

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