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Zelle not working with Chime: Quick Fix

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Modern finance apps such as Zelle and Chime are getting increasingly popular these days. However, interoperability between these apps can sometimes throw customers into a rut. Especially considering Chime debit cards could work with Zelle in the past. 

In this article, we’re talking about Zelle not working with Chime and what you can do to get around the issue.

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Why doesn’t Zelle work with Chime?

Zelle and Chime are two entities on the opposite end of the banking spectrum. Chime is an online bank with all the features and services that a traditional bank would offer. This puts Chime in direct competition against brick-and-mortar banks. 

Chime is a fully-fledged digital bank.

Zelle, on the other hand, was developed by the aforementioned traditional banks to offer instant money transfer and pay later features in a bid to compete with up-and-coming digital banking solutions such as Chime, Cash App and Venmo to name a few. 

You could previously make an account on Zelle and connect your Chime debit card, but that functionality has stopped since at least 2021, and for good reason. Zelle and Chime are in direct competition with each other, especially when Chime is also offering its own Pay Anyone instant transfer feature. 

What can you do?

Considering the two apps don’t work together anymore, you’re going to have to pick a side. In this case, Chime’s Pay Anyone feature can be a great help as it allows users to instantly send money to anyone, regardless of whether or not they’re a Chime user. That said, there are certain limitations to this feature. Most notably, transfers are limited to $2,000 or 15 transfers per month, whichever occurs earlier. 

Overall, Zelle and Chime both offer quick and convenient ways to manage money, but they both have different functions. While Zelle only facilitates money transfers, Chime is a fully-fledged bank. Based on what you want, you might want to pick one service over the other.

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