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How to fix Nike error code 31815f3d?

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As a fan of Nike, you might have seen Nike error code 31815f3d while using the website. This error code will disrupt your order completion by disallowing the payment to proceed. The error displays the following message: “We had an issue with your request; if you continue experiencing issues, try refreshing the page [code: 31815f3d].”

In this article, we’ll explain the likely causes behind the error and how to fix it quickly.

What causes Nike error code 31815f3d?

There is no definitive answer as to what causes the Nike error code 31815f3d. However, we can pinpoint some general reasons, such as:

  • Invalid or expired card details.
  • Expired promo code, if any.
  • The product is out of stock.
  • Corrupt cache and cookies.
  • VPN
  • Server outage

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How to fix Nike error code 31815f3d?

Now that we have understood the possible reasons behind the Nike error code 31815f3d let us quickly head to the fixes.

Check your payment details

One of the first steps is to check the payment details. Ensure that your card number, expiration date, CVV code and billing address are correct.

Contact your bank and then explain your problem and let them sort it out.

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Switch the payment method

If the current payment method isn’t working, try a different method to complete the transaction.

For example, change the card or the payment method to finish the transaction.

Check the product availability

If the product you’re trying to order on the Nike website is out of order or unavailable, you might see the Nike error code 31815f3d.

To fix this, head back to the product page and check if it’s available. If you see a notification such as “currently out of stock” or “sold out” below the product, opt for another product or wait for Nike to restock the product.

Enter a valid promo code

If you have a promo code, ensure it is valid and applicable to the current product.

Promo codes have expiration dates and purchase limits, or certain products are excluded from promo codes. You must verify all the information and then enter the promo code.

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Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

Corrupt cache and cookies may interfere with the normal functioning of your browser.

To fix this, regularly clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Follow this article to clear Google Chrome’s cache and cookies.

Microsoft Edge users can head to this article to clear the cache on Edge.

Disable your VPN or proxy

Sometimes, using a VPN or proxy may hinder the transaction. To avoid this, disable your VPN or proxy service before placing your orders on Nike’s website.

You can also try to switch or change the VPN servers and see if you can complete the transactions.

In conclusion, fixing Nike error code 31815f3d is easy, and it requires just a few checks to complete the transaction and fix the error.

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