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How to submit a Activision ban appeal?

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Activision, a big player in the gaming world, is responsible for popular games like Call of Duty and Overwatch. However, when you play these games, you need to follow certain rules, and at times, players might have to deal with being banned from playing.

Activision doesn’t take cheating or rule-breaking lightly. Their games, such as Call of Duty, have a built-in anti-cheat system, and they keep it current. Their team actively searches for players using unfair methods or cheating and punishes them with shadow or permanent bans.

However, there are situations where you might believe you got banned from Activision without a good reason, or you regret your actions and want to play fairly from now on. Some innocent players even said they were unfairly banned when they were caught up in the mess with cheaters.

If you think your Activision account was banned by mistake, this article discusses how to submit an Activision ban appeal.

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How to appeal an Activision ban?

Below, we have explained the steps to submit an appeal for an Activision ban.

Step 1: Go to Appeal a Ban | Activision Support and log in with your banned Activision account.

  • Step 2: Select the game from which you were banned.
  • Step 3: Choose the platform you were playing when you got banned.
  • Step 4: Select the topic that describes your issue, click on the Appeal a Ban option, then click on the Continue and then Agree and Continue.
  • Step 5: It will ask you to give your email ID and Activision ID, then thoroughly type your appeal in the given form. Explain everything properly because unbanning your account depends on how thoroughly you explain your case in the form.
  • Step 6: Lastly, click on the Submit button.

Take your time to review your ban appeal because you can’t send multiple appeals, and the wait for a response from Activision might be longer than expected. It might take days to hear back, and your ban will be lifted if things work out.

Once you’ve submitted your appeal, you can’t send another one while it’s being reviewed. Also, keep in mind that shadow bans can’t be appealed.

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How long does it take to review the Activision ban appeal?

Normally, it takes Activision about 7-10 days to review a ban, but sometimes it might take longer. If you’re hit with a temporary ban, it could last anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, while a permanent ban means you can’t play the game ever again.

What is shadowbanning and how to avoid it

Reasons for ban

  • Cheating or Hacking: The most common reason for banning is cheating or using hacks, which undermines the game’s fairness for other players.
  • Harassment and Toxic Behavior: Engaging in harassment, bullying, or using offensive language in the in-game chat or voice communications can lead to a ban.
  • Inappropriate Content: Sharing explicit or offensive content within the game, such as in chats or emblems, may lead to a ban.
  • Account Sharing or Selling: Sharing or selling your account is against the terms of service and can result in a ban.
  • Payment Fraud: Engaging in payment fraud, such as chargebacks or using stolen credit cards for in-game purchases, can result in a ban.

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