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How to fix Alexa error 701?

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Alexa is a cloud-based voice service by Amazon. It is capable of performing a multitude of tasks like voice interaction, playback, crawling the internet and providing relevant information to the user, and controlling smart devices, among others.

However, like all devices, Alexa is not free from errors. People have reported seeing error 701 on their Alexa devices.

In this article, we discuss how you can fix error code 701 on Alexa.

Check your internet connection

You should start by checking your internet connection. Either check with your Internet Service Provider or use any third-party website to check your internet speed.

If there is a network outage in your area, your best bet is to wait it out and then try using Alexa again.

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Check the WiFi router

If your internet is up and running and Alexa is still not working, then you should turn your attention to the router. Check that the cables are secured firmly and that the router is in good condition.

You can try to power cycle the router if you feel that the router is not working properly. Just unplug the router from the main power source and wait a few minutes before re-plugging it. After that, start the router and wait for it to stabilise. Now, it should work fine, and Alexa should be too.

Also, make sure to update the firmware.

Problem with Alexa itself

Next, focus your attention on the Alexa device. If your internet and router are working all right, then there is a high possibility that the Alexa device isn’t working.

Try connecting it to some other network, and if it isn’t connecting, then it is time to change Alexa or send it to the repair shop. You can also try to restore Alexa to its default factory settings first. However, all your data and configuration will be lost in the process.

Also, ensure that the router and Alexa are within range of each other. If you keep them too far, then there will be connectivity issues.

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Check for firmware updates

Companies release regular updates for the devices. These updates usually fix bugs and patch security loopholes. So, if your Alexa device has not been updated in a while, first, go for the updates.

Network overload

Sometimes, there are many devices connected to your network. This can cause some devices to malfunction, especially if the other devices use data-intensive applications like streaming or games. So, lessen your network overload and then try connecting the Alexa again.

Contact support

If all else fails, then it is time for you to contact Amazon’s customer support for further assistance.

We hope that by following the steps, you will have successfully fixed Alexa error 701. Check out more such fixes and tutorials on our website.

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