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Amazfit Verge 2 vs Galaxy Watch Active vs Fitbit Versa

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Amazfit Verge 2 vs Galaxy Watch Active vs Fitbit Versa

We recently published an article comparing the MiBand 4, the Honor Band 4 and the Fastrack Reflex 2.0. This article is going to compare wearable devices from Samsung, Huami and Fitbit, which while at their base are fitness oriented devices, have more exceptional capabilities due to their software and hardware.


The Galaxy Watch Active is a trimmed down version of Samsung’s smartwatch line and loses their most defining feature in this process, the rotating bezel, and thus becomes more comparable to the Verge 2 and the Versa which both entirely depend upon their touchscreen side buttons.

The Verge 2 uses a ceramic construction while the Active and Versa use a metal unibody giving the Verge a lead in terms of a premium feel, but that is not to say that the other watches look or feel any worse.

Amazfit Verge 2 vs Galaxy Watch Active vs Fitbit Versa

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The Watch Active is also the smaller one of the three making it very comfortable for people with small wrists which the Verge 2’s thickness and Versa width affect negatively.

All watches have different case options available and removable bands which allow for unique customisations to be made.

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Operating system and support

Having made several smartwatches before, Samsung has more experience than both Fitbit (who made highly fitness-centric devices earlier) and Amazfit who are just starting with the Verge 2 being only their second full-fledged smartwatch.

Amazfit Verge 2 vs Galaxy Watch Active vs Fitbit Versa

Amazefit Verge

Samsung’s OS has the finesse that both Fitbit and Amazfit’s watches lack. The UI has its consistent behaviour, and anyone who has used a Galaxy watch before will have no trouble settling albeit the lack of a rotating bezel, but the continuing lack of third-party support will always be a drawback. The ability to interact with a wide array of notifications is a feature that Samsung can flaunt with their watch.

The Versa uses Fitbit OS which brings with it support for a lot of third-party applications and Fitbit own additions upon it like – an inbuilt workout instruction feature is undoubtedly something that would attract a fitness enthusiast. Interactions with notifications are limited to Android devices in the Versa’s case.

Amazfit Verge 2 vs Galaxy Watch Active vs Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa

A custom UI with a limited array of applications is what the Amazfit Verge had to offer and whether anything will change with the Verge 2 is yet to be seen. Interaction with notifications was a section where the previous iteration severely lacked.

Health features that they offer

As mentioned earlier, at the base, all of these watched are fitness-centric, and to this end, each company has its array of feature that they offer.

Fitbit with their history in this market has a tried and tested software for step and sleep tracking, calorie counting and the already mentioned video workout guides on the watch itself. Tracking of workouts and swim analysis are also present.

Amazfit Verge 2 vs Galaxy Watch Active vs Fitbit Versa

Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Health is not far behind though as year after year it has been updated timely and has had great features added to it, with a BP measuring tool being the latest addition, but it is not as well done as Apple’s iteration and is very basic in terms of functionality. Preset modes which can track activity like running and swimming are also available.

The Verge 2, on the other hand, has brought a feature similar to the Apple watch in the form of an ECG sensor which can help with tracking irregularities in one’s heart rate (atrial fibrillation) and has been marketed to be able to track workouts accurately.

Battery Life

Amazfit Verge 2 vs Galaxy Watch Active vs Fitbit Versa

Amazefit Verge comes with EKG

Samsung has claimed to have a 45-hour battery life on their Watch Active, which is a step down from their previous watches. The Fitbit offers a battery life of 5 days as claimed by the company for the Verge 2 we have no such estimates, but the company claims to have added a 420 mAh battery in there to support the device.

Which one of these is worth your money?

In terms of smartwatches, Samsung is one of the most prominent names around with their Galaxy line of watches which have been a top choice for Android phone owners in the longest of times, but other companies have also maintained a certain market share.

The Fitbit has dropped features like NFC and in-built GPS to attain its price tag, and this can be a deterrent to most people.

The Verge 2 comes in at around $150 and the Watch Active and Versa both retail for $200. You can go ahead with the Watch Active or the Iconic if the $50 extra is not much of an issue as they both offer great features for their price. But the lack of inbuilt GPS does make the Watch Active look like a better choice, and while the Verge 2 is $50 lesser, it’s OS and market availability come under question, making Samsung’s watch an almost clear option for Android users.

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