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Android 10 boasts highest adoption rate with an estimated 20% coverage

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Android 10, which was launched in September 2019, is now running on over 400 million devices worldwide, out of a total estimated two billion Android devices in use currently.

Android 10’s coverage boasts of being the fastest in the mobile operating system’s history with it reaching over 100 million devices within five months of launch, which is 28% faster than Android 9 Pie updates reached devices.

The past few years have seen Google struggle with OEMs to keep their device’s OS up to date and even released several devices from various manufacturers under the Android One programme, which promises users two years of OS updates and three years of security patch updates.

But things seem to be changing as the industry-wide adoption of Android 10 has been significantly quicker than any of its predecessors.

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Android 10 boasts highest adoption rate with an estimated 20% coverage

Google says that the quicker adoption is owed to its projects like Treble and Mainline, which have been incrementally introduced since Android 8 Oreo and make it easier for OEMs to create updates suited to their products as most of them run a skin on top of stock Android.

While the increase in the speed of pushing updates and manufacturers adopting them has definitely improved, overall Android still fails in comparison to Apple’s latest updates, which on an average cover over 4/5th of all active devices — owing to its closed environment and control over software and hardware.

While it’s not official, Google says that they’ve over two billion estimated active Android devices that received Exposure API update via Google Play in May.

“We’re excited by the increased adoption of Android and are grateful for the close collaborations with our chipset and OEM partners to deploy updates earlier. We continue to work on a number of enhancements in the platform and infrastructure to make it easier for developers and users to benefit from the latest versions of Android,” Google announced.

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