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Top 7 action anime movies

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Action is the most commonly liked genre, and most anime movies are action-packed. So, narrowing down the list of best movies you should check out is a daunting task as every good anime movie has its charm. There are so many incredible anime movies in every genre, and comparison between the film is meaningless.

However, to make viewing action-packed anime movies easier for you, here are the seven best anime movies from the action genre that you should watch.


Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Few chosen people who died recently in their real life are revived back in a room by a black orb known as Gantz, and they are now stuck in an endless survival game; they are equipped with high-tech weapons to fight monsters in Tokyo and Osawa. The animation of the movie is outstanding.

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Appleseed (2004)

Genre: Action, Mecha, Military

The world was at war, and now it is over. Those who survived created a new utopian city called Olympus. The town’s population was half-human and half-clone; they were the genetically engineered species called bioroids. Set in a Dystopian future, Appleseed is a must-watch.

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc

Genre: Action, Adventure

The hero of the anime, Guts, is a strong sword-for-hire; he carries a sword as long as himself. He likes to walk alone with no direction, but soon he gets an offer to join a group of mercenaries called the Band of Hawks from the leader of the band, Griffith. This movie has three parts, and all have an excellent storyline full of action and adventure.

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Genre: Action, Supernatural

An old but popular anime, Akira follows the story of a young boy who, in 1988, caused an explosion with his psychic powers and destroyed the city of Tokyo. In 2019, the town was rebuilt and known as Neo-Tokyo — an area with protests, gang violence and terrorism against the current government.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Genre: Action, Comedy, Mecha

The story of Gurren Lagann takes place in the future, where the Spiral King Lord Genome Ruled the earth. He forced humankind to live in isolated underground villages. The selected villagers were called the diggers. Simon, a young digger, was a timid boy who was constantly bullied by others finds solace in a man named Kamina, who was just like an elder brother to him, and the movie follows their story — an exciting plot.

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Ninja Scroll

Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical

It is an old but good anime movie filled with Ninja techniques and sword fights — they are swift and do not even think before killing their enemy. The hero of the anime Kibagami Jubei fights the Eight Devils of Kimon, a ninja team with supernatural powers; the eight devils are powerful and give Kibagami Jubei a tough time fighting them.

Sword Of The Stranger

Genre: Action, Adventure, Samurai

If you like Samurais and their fighting style, this is a movie you will definitely like. It’s full of action, most of which is Samurai Sword Fights. A young orphan Kotaro and his dog, Tobimaru, are on a run because some assassins want to kill him, and luckily he finds Nanashi, a ronin who saves Kotaro from the killers. So Kotaro hires Nanashi as a bodyguard just until they reach their destination.

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