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Top 7 Anime series on Netflix for binge sessions

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Anime immerses viewers in a fascinating universe with heroes that have supernatural powers and as powerful villains, too, guaranteeing lots of action and adventures, demons and different creatures and whatnot and unarguably a good storyline.

The main drawback to anime on Netflix is that some of the series don’t have all the seasons or episodes released on the platform, even though they’re available online otherwise or have been released at least. However, Netflix has a wide variety of anime in different genres. Here we recommend the top seven anime series on Netflix that everyone — newbies or seasoned viewers — should check out.

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Genre: Action, Horror, Vampire

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The story starts in the year 1455 with the tragic love story of Vlad Dracula Tepes, a vampire with advanced scientific knowledge. A bishop accuses Dracula’s wife of witchcraft, and as a punishment, she is burned on the stake.

After learning that his wife was murdered, he becomes furious and outraged and orders his army of night creatures to kill every person in Wallachia. Castlevania has a different story than the usual anime series. It is a combination of action, adventure, tragedies, and vampires — a personal favourite.

Castlevania currently has three seasons.

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Goblin Slayer

Genre: Action, Adventure

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The series is about an adventurer who dedicated his life to exterminating goblins. He has no superpowers in the traditional sense, but his intelligence and superb strategies make him the town’s hero.

Goblin Slayer is full of quests, and the goblin slayer forms up his party to go on quests related to goblins. The strategies made by the goblin slayer to kill goblins are the most exciting thing in this anime, but the only problem is that this anime has only a single season available on Netflix.


Genre: Action, Adventure, Game

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In the year 2126, a game named Yggdrasil will shut down. A few minutes before the closure, the guild leader and the hero of the anime Momonga invited the guild members to meet last time in the game. He waits for them till the game’s shutdown, but he finds that the game is still running as if it created its reality.

Non-player characters appear to have developed a personality, and Momonga gets trapped in his game avatar — a wizard with nearly limitless powers. So he sets himself on a quest to find what happened and why.

This anime has three seasons.

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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Genre: Action, Mecha

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One of the best anime series of all time. Lelouch, a 17-year-old high school student and an exiled prince of Britannia with a brilliant mind, is the main character of this anime. He desires to destroy the rule of Britannia because everything precious is snatched from him and his sister.

He accidentally meets a mysterious girl named CC who saves his life and gives him a Geass called the Power of the King. Now he fights back against the Brittania military with his fantastic strategies and the king’s power, with which he can control anyone by looking them in the eye.

This anime is exciting with lots of action and has only two seasons.


Genre: Action, comedy

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This is the perfect anime to binge watch in lockdown. 15-year-old Kurosaki Ichigo is not an ordinary high school student; he can see ghosts and spirits. On a fateful day, Ichigo meets Kuchiki Rukia, a Shinigami (soul reaper), who transfers her powers to Ichigo and makes him the substitute soul reaper to fight the creatures named hollow, who can only be seen by soul reapers and few humans like Kurosaki Ichigo.

Still, she did not know that whatever was happening was all planned by a villain. Our hero Kurosaki Ichigo will fight with many powerful opponents on his journey to become the most potent substitute soul reaper.

Eight seasons are available on Netflix, which is highly recommended to binge-watch — you won’t stop once you’re hooked.

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Hunter X Hunter

Genre: Action, Adventure

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A hunter is the one who travels the world doing dangerous tasks. Gon Freecss is a young boy whose father disappeared long ago. One day he accidentally meets Kite, an apprentice of Gon’s father, who tells him that his father is a hunter and he is still alive. He believes that if he follows the steps of his father, he can meet him one day.

So Gon leaves his home to give the examination to become an official hunter. He befriends three other candidates during the exam for an official hunter and starts his journey to find his father. This anime is full of adventures and has a fascinating plot spread over six seasons.


Genre: Action, Martial Arts

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A Netflix original anime in which Baki Hanma, the protagonist, desires to become strong enough to surpass his father Yujiro Hanma, the strongest fighter in the world.

The world’s five most violent and brutal death row convicts gather in Tokyo to fight with Baki. Excellent animation and a fascinating story. It is probably the best Netflix original anime.

It has only a season divided into two parts with 13 episodes each.

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