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Top 7 apps for kids with Autism on Android and iOS

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Children or adults with Autism often have delayed speech or complete absence of speech, lack of interest in friendships or relationships, repetitive behaviours, among other behavioural differences from what is typically considered “normal” in societies worldwide.

There are several apps available that will help people with Autism to improve their communication or social skills, and problem-solving. If you’re looking for apps that are made for people with Autism, try the apps mentioned below, which are available for iOS and Android users.


Developer: AssistiveWare BV | Size: 921.9 MB (iOS) | Price: $249.99. Offers In-App Purchases

This app is specially designed for people who are non-verbal. It is available for iOS users and promotes language development. It also allows users to communicate through pictures.

The app is a powerful AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) tool. It is designed to build the language skills of people You can use the built-in library of the app for 25,000 symbols, or you also allow it to use your photographs. Users with fine-motor challenges and vision impairment can use 23 pre-programmed grid sizes and accessibility settings which supports Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader.

Download the Proloquo2Go app for iOS here

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Developer: Otsimo Bilisim Anonim Sirketi | Size: 91.6 MB (iOS); Varies with device (Android) | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

The app is designed for children to help reach speech development milestones and to achieve desired lifestyle skills and behaviours. The app uses techniques like applied behaviour analysis (ABA) and alternative and augmentative communication (AAC).

Progress reports are provided to know how far have you reached. This app focuses on core skills like Vocabulary and words, numbers, emotions, colours, music, animals, vehicles, and more.

Download the Otsimo app here iOS, Android

Animals Puzzle for Kids

Developer: Funlab Software Ltd | Size: 37 MB (Android) | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

This fun, animated animal puzzle is loved by many children. Children will have to identify, match, and arrange the different animal puzzles. This will help the child to develop matching, tactile, and fine motor skills.

This fun game contains animations, pronunciations, sounds of animals, and interactivity to promote easy learning. The app is filled with lots of colours and cute HD graphics which is loved by children.

Download the Animals Puzzle for Kids app for Android here

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Dino Tim: Basic math skills

Developer: Didactoons Games SL. | Size: 169.4 MB (iOS); 25 MB (Android) | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

Though it is available for every age, it is more specifically targeted towards the age group of 3 to 8 years old. With the help of this app, children can recognise geometric shapes like square, circle, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, and rhombus.

Other than teaching maths to your children, it will also help them to identify colours, enhance speed, and much more. You can even learn languages like Spanish, French, and many more. This app will improve coordination and fine motor skills, develop a visual perception of different shapes, and develop attention and concentration in children.

Download the Dino Tim app here iOS, Android.

Autism Tracker Pro

Developer: Track & Share Apps, LLC | Size: 34.3 MB (iOS) | Price: $9.99

If you wish to track and analyse your child’s behavioural pattern, then you can think of downloading this app. Keep track of your child’s behaviour, food, health, and mood.

A report of your child’s statistics can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly. Visual calendars and multi-item graphs should be used to view and discuss patterns.

Download the Autism Tracker Pro app for iOS here

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ABA Flash Cards and Games

Developer: Innovative Mobile Apps Ltd | Size: 223.7 MB (iOS) | Price: $0.99

This app is only available for iOS users. It is an easy way to recognise emotions and is ideal for kids aged 1 to 4 years. Understanding, identifying, and responding correctly to various emotions is easy with the help of this app.

One hundred plus emotions are covered in this app though 500 plus flashcards as well as other interactive games. You can add your voice and pictures in this app. You are allowed to adjust the speed of the flashcards.

Download the ABA Flash Cards and Games app for iOS here

Language Therapy for Kids–MITA

Developer: ImagiRation LLC. | Size: 705.7 MB (iOS); 26 MB (Android) | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

This app is for cognitive and mental abilities. It is built for those who have a language delay. It has gone through a clinical trial where 8,766 children with Autism who were trained with MITA had improved their language score at the end of the trial, which on average is three times more than similar children who did not use MITA.

The app is available in many different languages like French, Italian, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, German, English, and Spanish. It is based on ABA techniques of auditory-visual and visual-visual and conditional discrimination, language therapy technique, and  Pivotal Response Treatment. This app will help you identify colours, patterns, and sizes. It will help you with logical reasoning, reading, writing, critical thinking, and much more.

Download the Language Therapy for Kids app here iOS, Android

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