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Top 7 free IQ tests online

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Top 7 free IQ tests online to test yourself right from home

Ever saw people comparing their smartness through IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test? Well, we all have in one way or the other come across IQ tests while surfing the web, but I am sure most of us have never taken one, because either they were paid or not fun enough.

You don’t have to worry about that anymore. We’ve got you covered here as below are the seven best websites where you can check your IQ with free tests and not just that, these sites offer a lot more other fun activities.

Individuals do not just differ in their height, weight, strength, but also in psychological dimensions, which is their mental health. The IQ test is consists of mathematical, verbal, spatial, visual and logical reasoning questions to measure a person’s cognitive abilities.

Studies have proven that an average individual has an IQ between 90 to 115 — about 70% of the population. And if you score more than 115, it indicates that you are among 15% of the relatively intelligent ones. Then come those who are considered geniuses with a score of 130 and above, this bracket comprises just 2% of people around the globe.

The formula to calculate IQ is (Mental age ÷ Physical age × 100)

IQ test at FunEducation

Top 7 free IQ tests online to test yourself right from homeWith millions of users, this is one of the extensive IQ tests with quantitative skills, word analysis, spatial reasoning, letter-number sequence and verbal reasoning summed up in 43 questions. The questions are in the form of multiple-choice, true-false and subjective.

All the questions are mandatory and given answers can not be changed. The good thing is that there is no time-limit.

The result is broken down into different categories to give a clearer picture of where you did well and where you didn’t. FunEducation also offers career personality, business management tests which help in identifying your skills and aptitude. It is mandatory to open an account in FunEducation before one can see their result.

Click here to take an IQ test at FunEducation

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Top 7 free IQ tests online to test yourself right from homeIf you want a quick and accurate online IQ test, this site is the place as there is no registration required. There are just 20 questions in the format of multiple-choice and true-false. A timer at the top-right of the test series will tell you how long it took you to answer all the questions.

Returning to previous questions and changing your answer is possible. You can also skip the question. In the end, it also provides the correct answers to all the questions.

This site works like a guide to help you know the fundamentals of IQ tests and also show well-know IQ societies around the globe alongwith IQ results of eminent people.

Click here to take an IQ test at Free-IQTest

Brain Metrix IQ Test

Top 7 free IQ tests online to test yourself right from homeBrain Metrix also has a total of 20 questions, with no time limit. All the questions are objective type and skipping a question falls under one’s discretion.

This site also provides other fun activities like a memory game, Chess, Rubik’s cube, Sudoku, Math problems and many more for free.

Click here to take an IQ test at Brain Metrix

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IQ Test at Intellitest

Top 7 free IQ tests online to test yourself right from homeIntellitest is a one-stop site. It not only offers IQ test for free but also personality, emotional intelligence, language, visual IQ, memory and a whole bunch of other tests. You can also check your Maths, Science, History and General Knowledge skills here.

For the IQ test, it has a total of 40 questions and changing the answer to the previous question is not possible. After the end of the test, it gives a small description of what your IQ score depicts.

Click here to take an IQ test at Intellitest

IQ Test at Memorado

Top 7 free IQ tests online to test yourself right from homeThis free IQ test has only 18 multiple choice questions, with two to four options for every question. At the end of the test result is announced with a short description.

Memorado also has an app on the Play Store, which offers brain-training games, but there are in-app purchases to unlock more features.

Click here to take an IQ test at Memorado

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IQ Test at Psychology Today

Top 7 free IQ tests online to test yourself right from homePsychology Today is a leading New York-based magazine, which has millions of readers world wide but you might not be aware that it also has a free IQ test questionnaire online.

The test measures several factors, including logical reasoning, math skills, language abilities and spatial skills. Although it does not measure emotional intelligence, there are 57 questions with no time limit to solve them and even given answers can be changed at any time during the test. All the questions are mandatory to answer.

It must be noted that for the full descriptive evaluation of your personality Psychology Today charges some fee.

Click here to take an IQ test at Psychology Today

IQ test at Mon-Qi

Top 7 free IQ tests online to test yourself right from homeMon-Qi has a total of nine tests with 30 questions each; you can choose any of them to check your IQ. The questions are divided into several parts such as verbal, logic, spatial, technical and digital tests.

There is no time limit, and answers can be changed before submission. The result is shown in parts also to let you know in which area you lag behind.

Click here to take an IQ test at Mon-Qi

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