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Top 11 Games for Samsung Galaxy smartwatches

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Smartwatches do a lot more than we acknowledge. They do many things in subtle ways that have a big impact on how we go about our days. That can be anything from showing us our heart rate to telling us the weather and in some cases, even play games. 

In this article, we’re bringing to you the top 11 games you can play on your Samsung Galaxy smartwatches.

Horse Runner: The game

Developer: sivasysh | Size:  407.57 KB  | Price: $2.04

Top 11 Games for Samsung Galaxy watches | Candid.Technology

If you use Chrome, you must have played the infamous T-Rex runner game that’s built into Chrome and shows up when your internet is not working. 

Horse Runner is the exact thing, except the game is running on your watch instead of a browser and you’re running a horse instead of a T-Rex. It’s pretty colourful and can easily keep you entertained for quite some time.

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Light Sensor Game

Developer: YouWatch Application | Size:  27.6 KB | Price: Free

If the name doesn’t make it clear enough for you, the game involves your light sensor. The Galaxy Gear Sport and all other Samsung watches have a light sensor built-in, which helps control the auto-brightness.  

The game utilises this light sensor to detect the light falling on your watch and show stars accordingly. Can you get all 25 stars to show up on the screen?

Tank Shooter 3D

Developer: wBoldt | Size: 1.64 MB  | Price: $0.75

The game puts you in control of a tank against infinite waves of enemies. Hit as many targets as you can. You have limited ammo which is replenished with accurate hits.

The game uses the watch’s gyro sensors to control the aim of the tank. The graphics and details in the game are pretty impressive for a watch. 

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Snake Classic Game

Developer: Ilia Vorobiev | Size: 278.5 KB  | Price: Free

Yes, it’s the old classic Snake, for your smartwatch. You can control the snake using the bezel on your watch. The game takes place on a 10×10 grid and is surprisingly fun to play even on a smartwatch’s tiny screen.

Math Game Quiz

Developer: | Size:  88.38 KB  | Price: Free

If numbers are more your thing, you’re going to like this one. The game throws quick and simple math questions at you. You can select the right answer using the bezel on your watch. It’s a great way to brush up your basic arithmetic skills.

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Balance Game

Developer: Deokil Choi | Size: 17.22 MB  | Price: $0.87

This is a pretty simple and fun game to play and it’s been specially optimised for the Galaxy Gear line of watches.

All you need to do is balance the two balls in the middle of the screen using your watch’s bezel for as long as you can. Sounds simple, but it’s quite the task.

Chess Game Deluxe

Developer: Galaxy Software | Size: 913.21 KB  | Price: $3.99

It’s chess, on your smartwatch. The game is exactly what you’d expect from a chess game. You can play a game against AI, against another human or even spectate an AI vs AI match. Ther are even three different difficulty levels and three game speeds.

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Minesweeper Game Deluxe

Developer: Galaxy Software | Size: 1.14 MB  | Price: $2.71

Again, the game is exactly what it sounds like. Minesweeper for your smartwatch.

The objective is to clear out an abstract minefield without detonating one. There are three difficulty levels and the grid size varies according to them. 


Developer: wBoldt | Size:  523.57 KB  | Price: $0.88

If you remember the good old Atari days, you remember Breakout. Well, Timenoid is Breakout for your smartwatch, with a twist.

Instead of being presented with a random pattern of bricks, you have to break the current time on your watch. The game even has perks built-in and you can use either the accelerometer, the touch screen or the bezel on your watch as your control method.

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The Bottle Game

Developer: Apps by Pablo | Size:  43.46 KB  | Price: Free

Now, this is a game that doubles up as a tool in real-life situations. Imagine just about any party game situation where you had to pick people randomly by spinning a bottle. Well, spin one on your watch. The game just spins a bottle when you turn the bezel on your watch. Super simple, super useful.

Archery Game

Developer: Faith Software Wearable Apps | Size: 40.39 KB | Price: $0.53

Looking to brush up your archery skills while not getting too invested? Your search stops here. 

It’s a pretty simple and fun game. You start off with 10 arrows and attempt to hit a moving target. Hitting the bullseye gets you extra points. 

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